Social Responsibility of 1+1 Media

We are the company that changes the way people see themselves and the world around them, that is why we expressly understand that how we do business must be responsible, which means we should think not only about our business interests but also respect the interests of societies and initiate positive changes. For us, corporate social responsibility is behavior and lifestyle not influenced by economic or political beliefs, rather than following the trend.
Happy Employees
We provide the best possible conditions of work and development to all our employees. It is essential for us to ensure that each of them feels their importance for the 1+1 Media team. Because all our employees are the people with whom we build the future. And we understand that happy people do their job better.

Support of Healthy Lifestyle

Comprehensive medical insurance, and also discounted insurance for employees’ immediate relatives, free-of-charge opportunity to undergo additional medical examinations directly at the office

Participation in trainings and games of the 1+1 Media’s corporate football (soccer) team

Yoga classes at the office 4 times a week

Jogging workouts and participation in semi-marathons

Healthy eating (invited nutrition experts, balanced meals in the office café at a corporate discount)

Employee Development

The company holds seminars, trainings, and master classes aimed at achieving the company’s strategic goals, with involvement of internal experts, and also local and international experts in the fields such as movies and television industry, management, producing, in-house content creation, etc. We offer additional opportunities for the employee development (e.g. English language classes at the office; speaking clubs; skills workshops, etc.).
Clean Environment
1+1 Media cares about ecology as an important and essential part of the company’s responsibility.
We aim to minimize the negative impact on the environment, so we have introduced a series of activities that contribute to the rational use of natural resources. We are guided by the principles of reducing, recycling, and reusing
Quality Education
We have created projects that contribute to training and development of Ukrainians. Our task is focusing on long-term, positive mutual relations with society, and on the strategy of sustainable development, rather than doing one-off good deeds.

What are our main educational projects?

Higher school of Media and Production

Career-oriented tours for schoolchildren Journey to the Television Mirror-World

Closer to TV internship program

Knigolove project

De Kino festival

Lectures for students

Healthy Nation

We implement projects that contribute to improving health of the nation and help to cure seriously ill people, raise money for medical treatment of children and adults from all parts of Ukraine. What do we do?

We realize dreams of ill children - Make the Dream Come True

Live broadcasts of charity auctions on Breakfast with 1+1

TSN Help

2+2 Help

Saint Nikolas Day project

World Down Syndrome Day project

We regularly donate blood as part of the Donation project

We create social advertising that encourages people to become blood donors

Copyright Protection
1+1 Media Group is one of the largest producers and holders of content in Ukraine. Therefore, issues related to copyright are relevant for us both in terms of protecting our own copyrights and in terms of compliance with copyrights of third parties.
Excursions for schoolchildren
As part of the corporate social responsibility strategy, 1+1 Media invites Kyiv schoolchildren to its television center for career-oriented tours

Journey to the Television Mirror-World

  • Career-oriented trips for 7-11 grade pupils
  • Tour duration - 60-90 minutes.
  • All tours are free.
  • Tours are held exclusively for schoolchildren according to the list agreed by the school principal.
  • All tours are morning tours.
  • ou will be notified about the exact time of the tour after processing your application.
  • Formation of tour groups is carried out by our the partner, the KIDSGUIDE project (http://vk.com/kidsguide http://facebook.com/kidsguide.ua)
  • The number of children in the group - up to 30 of every 10 people -1 accompanying adult
  • Book tours only at media.1plus1.ua
To sign up for the tour is only possible by using a form on the website. Table update with available dates is made at the beginning of each quarter (September, January, March, June).
For cooperation
within the educational, environmental and social projects