TSN.ua was founded on August 21, 2008. According to Gemius and InMind, the most influential companies that provide audience measurement in UAnet, tsn.ua for a long time has been holding a leading position in the Ukrainian Internet media market.

TSN.ua is a number one news site in the Ukrainian Internet. Monthly, around 3.5 million unique visitors get news from TSN.ua. 40% of them visit the website using mobile devices.

TSN.ua is favored on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and VKontakte; and has a big lead on YouTube over its rivals. TSN.ua YouTube channel is the most popular channel among all Ukrainian media:

Facebook: 525,477 users

VKontakte: 1,416,177 users

Twitter: 714,291 followers

Google+: 145,997 users

YouTube: 291,268 subscribers

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, TSN.ua follows the life of Ukraine and the world, and publishes the most important and the most interesting Ukrainian and world news, and also news of science and IT, culture, economy, politics, and sports. The website covers the news in two languages, Ukrainian and Russian.

ТSN.ua closely cooperates with 1+1 TV channel and offers live streams of the channel’s information projects, sports events, and various shows. Also, TSN.ua regularly creates unique special projects collecting the most interesting material on the most topical issues that concern Ukraine and the world.

On top of that, TSN.ua includes a women’s web portal LADY.TSN, an automotive web portal AUTO.TSN, and a sports web portal TSN.PROSPORT.

TSN.ua also hosts a social project Dopomoha (Help) presented in the thematic section of the website; there is news about children who, due to serious health problems, need financial help from people who care.