The Department of Journalistic Projects
The Department of Journalistic Projects was established in July 2010. It was led by the former head of the Television News Service (TSN) Maxim Shilenko.
Together with him, a new group included a group of talented journalists and TSN operators, as well as correspondents and directors from other TV channels, who worked in the genre of journalistic investigations. The department creates programs of its own production, most of which have already become the flagships of Ukrainian television.

«Groshi» («The Money»)

"Groshi" is a special project of journalistic investigations of the 1 + 1 television channel, led by Maxim Sukhenko. Journalists expose bribe takers, investigate economic abuses and on themselves check how various fraudulent schemes operate. Reporters work undercover, conduct hidden shots, check out the versions and show from the inside who really makes money on human misfortunes. Journalistic investigations from the "Groshi" program and its charismatic host Alexander Dubinsky every Monday open a new information week for 1 + 1. Starting from 2010, the program is annually awarded with the National Television Award of Ukraine "Teletriumf". In total, during the years of the telepresence, the program "Groshi" received five figurines.

«Zhyttya bez Obmanu» («Life without Lies»)

The personal project of Alexei Dushka in the format of the investigative reality first appeared on air of the 1 + 1 channel in spring of 2015, continuing the more than three-year history of the “Terytoriya Obmanu”(Territory of Deception) program. In each issue of "Life without Lies", the authors of the project help two families to choose quality, useful and affordable food, learn to understand their composition, easily read the label and correctly make a food basket.

«Ukrajins’ki sensazii» («Ukrainian sensations»)

"Ukrainian sensations" is a program of journalistic investigations, in the lens of which is the issue of national security, corruption at all levels of government, the arbitrariness of large businessmen and the criminal intertwining of law enforcement interests.

«The Lustrator 7.62. Cursed by the system”

Project of own production of the Department of Journalistic Projects, which since 2015 is broadcasted by the 2 + 2 TV channel. Vladyslav Sydorenko became the editor-in-chief of “Lustator”. The attention of journalists of the "Lustrator" is concentrated not only on specific cases of violation of the elementary rights of citizens, abuses of officials or law enforcement officers, the theft of budget funds and the punishment of powerful scoundrels, but also on systemic criminal schemes exposing. In each program release because of stories of Ukrainians who became victims of the "curse of the system", but were not afraid to resist injustice, the authors of the program will prove that the justice exists and it requires a struggle.

«Nyshporky» («Wirepullers»)

"Nyshporky" are the extremely topical social investigations, whose focus is on the eternal human vices and weaknesses and those who provide business to them. Detective journalists are always where the danger is waiting, and Carolina Ashion, the host of the program, helps viewers to see the problem at an unusual angle. The project is on the 2+2 TV channel, the chief editor is Alexander Dubinsky.

«Pomsta pryrody» («Nature's Revenge»)

The weekly «Nature's Revenge» is a documentary project that tells about natural disasters that caused a person with his hyperactive technogenic activity. In each issue of the program - the rating of the most powerful and mysterious natural disasters that mankind remembers, the stories of heroes who survived after crushing catastrophes, the results of shocking events.


The program "JEDAI" promptly informs the 2 + 2 TV Channel viewers about road accidents in Ukraine and the world, about legislative innovations, provides legal advice in disputable issues of road accidents and practical advice on car maintenance, entertains the audience with curiosities of car life. The host of the program is Yana Andreeva.

«Цілком таємно»

Each issue of the program is a documentary dedicated to one resonant topic, details of which are either carefully concealed from Ukrainian citizens, or they are simply not spoken aloud. The territory of journalists attention "Tsilkom Taejmno" is not confined only to criminal histories, corruption scandals or happening in the ATO zone. Journalists of the project raise such problems as children's drug addiction, mass emigration from the country, smuggling and counterfeit medicines. The project "Tsilkom taemno" commissioned by the 2+2 channel is prepared by the Department of Journalistic Projects under the leadership of Alexander Dubinsky

Production of documentaries

An integral part of the Department of Journalistic Projects is a number of documentaries created by the author and film director Svetlana Usenko. In her creative luggage such films as: "Secrets of Shevchenko’s genius”, "Secrets of Bandera", "Split into Atoms", "TSN. 20 years "and others. In addition, for the entire existence of the Department of Journalistic Projects, several dozen of documentaries commissioned by 1 + 1 and 2 + 2 TV channels have been created, from the "Otherworld Ukraine", "Illusion of Security", "Ukrainian Sensational" and many others. Several works have caused a real resonance in society. Particularly resonant were the investigations of the cases of Oksana Makar, Doctor Pi, the black pastor Adelaja, which allowed viewers to get completely different information that varies significantly from the official one. The cases forced viewers to reconsider their attitude to the well-known events. At the present time, has begun the filming of documentaries from the series of "The Lost World" under the leadership of Ekaterina Shilenko.