Journalistic Investigations Department
Department was formed in July 2010. It was headed by the former head of Maxim Shilenko TSN.

Along with him came the newly created Department of a group of talented journalists and TSN operators, as well as correspondents and directors of other channels that have proven themselves in the genre of of Journalistic Investigations. The basis of the department formed two programs - "Money" and "private affair." Both programs are created in-house for ideas and employees of the department.

In addition, during its existence, the Department had to make two dozen documentaries 4 of the series "Otherworld Ukraine", 2 of the series "The Illusion of Safety" and 9 in the "Ukrainian sensations." Several works from the series of sensations caused quite a resonance in the society. Particularly resonant began investigation of the case of Oksana Makar, Dr. Pi, black Pastor Adelaja - and let people get very different information, significantly different from the official, and forced people to reconsider their attitude to the well-known events. The loudest of the publicity and the reaction was the film Sergei Malneva "Operation Caravan" of the terrible tragedy in the hypermarket, where the killer killed three guards in broad daylight, and another sent to the hospital.

Also Journalistic Investigations Department continues to develop actively in the information in the information and journalistic genres - this has led to the need to change the name and the Department was renamed the Department of journalistic projects.

In 2016 the Department of Journalism Project 1 + 1 went to: the legendary program "Money", project investigations "Ukrainian sensation", "The X-Files", "Top Secret", "Lyustratory", "Lyustratory 7.62", "Life without cheating", documentary film from Svetlana Usenko, cars "Jedi" news program-catastrophe "Revenge of nature".