Sports projects management department
Sports Projects Department prepares and performs live broadcasts of the top-tier matches of the Ukrainian Football Championship featuring the most popular clubs: Dynamo Kyiv, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, Chornomorets Odesa, Volyn Lutsk, Karpaty Lviv, and Zorya Luhansk.
The Department has an extensive experience of effective work with UEFA and its respective television departments; constantly uses the latest technology; and cooperates with foreign companies and international experts. As for the experience gained during the preparation and implementation of broadcasts of the main European club tournament, the Champions League, and also of Europa League matches, it allows the Department’s professionals to carry out live broadcasts of these competitions from Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Georgia.
The program ProFootball is always at the center of important events and the audience’s attention; this program boldly and successfully combines professional analytics with opinions of journalists and fans of the game. The real creed of ProFootball is exclusivity; and the conscious choice of its creators is fairness of evaluations. Every Sunday night during the season, in the flagship project of the Sports Projects Department, you can witness real goals, players’ stories, unhackneyed TV spots, experts’ opinions, and unexpected conclusions.
The Department presents the modern TV audience’s favorite sport, boxing. Live broadcasting of battles featuring the world-famous professional boxers is one of the Department’s priorities, and one of the high-rated products on 2+2 channel.
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is an example of the Department’s prompt response to fresh ideas of the development of sports and audience’s interests. Our sports experts quickly noticed an incredible success of mixed martial arts athletes and tournaments; as a result, the world’s most famous fight club now cooperates with 1+1 media.
Creating movies and special documentary projects is another focus area of the Department. It not only contributes to the quality product’s appearance on television: the issues brought up in these films and projects significantly affect the development of the Ukrainian sports in particular and society in general.