The first non-governmental independent news agency in Ukraine founded in 1993. Over the first decade of independence, during the formation of Ukrainian statehood, UNIAN was the only source of objective information about events and news in Ukraine for domestic and foreign media.

Under the brand UNIAN, there are various areas of the media business, such as:

  • Public and political news service
  • Economic news service;
  • www.unian.ua website
  • Monitoring of the media;
  • Press-centre
The agency generates daily over 300 pieces of news of political, economic and social life of Ukraine and its neighbors, which are distributed to the subscribers (media, diplomatic missions, banks and companies, experts groups, government agencies, rating agencies and investment funds) in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.
Since its launch, the website UNIAN.net has traditionally been one of the leaders of Ukraine’s information space among digital media.
In May 2016, UNIAN updated its website design and launched a weather forecast service. UNIAN|Weather is a meteorological service from UNIAN and the Agency’s partners providing highly accurate weather forecasts for more than 30 thousands locations in Ukraine and more than 113 thousand locations in the world. Apart from weather forecasts, UNIAN|Weather offers its readers the latest news on natural phenomena, weather disasters, and climate change from around the world.
Website: pogoda.unian.net
In addition to production and distribution of news, UNIAN is the most popular image bank in Ukraine providing domestic and foreign media with illustrations of major events in the life of the country.
UNIAN’s monitoring is authoritative and popular instrument for studying the effectiveness of public relations and advertising campaigns in Ukraine, popularity of brands and content analysis of media recognized as an effective and quality mean of assessing effectiveness of the business promotion by known international corporations.
The important part of UNIAN it its press centre. The press center is located in the heart of Kyiv and is the most popular platform for communication with the press for politicians, NGOs, representatives of Ukrainian and foreign business.