1+1 TV Channel
1+1 is a first Ukrainian-language national channel. 1+1 was launched in September 1995, basically having marked the beginning of modern Ukrainian television. Today, the channel continues its development setting high standards for the entire industry to follow.
Based on the results of 2016, 1+1 has been a TV viewing leader in key commercial audiences both in terms of its average daily performance and in prime time. In 2016, 1+1 channel’s viewing share for the commercial audience 18-54, all Ukraine, reached 11.5%, with 1.8% rating. On top of that, the channel has been maintaining its top position in regards to the audience 18-54 50K, with 10.0% share and 1.4% rating. 1+1 is an undisputed prime-time leader with 12.9% share and 4.1% rating in the audience 18-54, all Ukraine; and with 11.4% share and 3.4% rating in the audience 18-54 50К+.
1+1 is a channel with vivid, charismatic personalities, leading experts, and innovative solutions. 1+1 channel’s ambassadors ― Alla Mazur, Lidiia Taran, Olha Freimut, Dmytro Komarov, Katia Osadcha, and Yurii Horbunov ― are the faces of the modern-day Ukrainian television well-known to every Ukrainian. In 16 years of the main industry award Teletriumph’s history, 1+1 TV channel has won 79 awards including Alla Mazur’s record seven wins; six figurines for the channel’s design, and five awards bestowed upon Money program.
1+1 impresses, fascinates, inspires, and amps up optimism. This is where viewers can find the country’s strongest news service, thrilling Ukraine-made TV series, original entertainment programs, topical, sharp and accurate humor, the world’s best format shows, and unique special projects, all on one TV channel.
In 2017, Television Service of News (TSN) celebrated its 20th anniversary. Over this time, TSN has become an unquestionable leader in the news segment, the program trusted by millions of Ukrainians. In particular, more than half of news audience regularly watch TSN. It is most often called viewers’ favorite news program. In 2016, TSN’s share on weekdays was 15.1% for the audience 18-54, all Ukraine, and 13.4% for the audience 18-54 50К+, which is respectively 31% and 17% higher than the nearest competitor’s audience share. In 2016, an average audience of a weekly analytical program TSN. Week’s edition topped 2 million viewers. Moreover, Breakfast with 1+1- the leader of a slot in the audience the whole Ukraine 18-54 (11.7% share) and the audience 50K + 18-54 (10.3% share).
1+1 was a first channel to prioritize in-house TV series production. A fine patriotic comedy The Last Moskal became the highest rated TV series of recent years on the Ukrainian television and proved that Ukraine-made product could be the most successful. Other TV series by 1+1 Production were a huge success as well, namely She-Boss, Central Hospital, One Million Euro Village, etc. 1+1 TV channel is the one airing favorite comedy series by Kvartal 95 Studio: In-Laws, Servant of the People, and Kinfolk.
The sharpest and most topical stand-up and comedy shows by Kvartal 95 Studio also air on 1+1 TV channel. Evening Kvartal and Evening Kyiv for years have been among the most popular comedy shows on the Ukrainian television. As for original formats Make the Comedian Laugh and Make the Comedian Laugh. Kids, they have won audience’s love in Ukraine and abroad.
In-house products have always been, and remain, the trademark of 1+1. The channel created a number of successful original shows. For example, Dmytro Komarov’s original program The World Inside Out sees its 8 season. In 2016, it won at the National Geographic Traveler Awards as the best travel show. Inspector Freimut. Cities show is nominated for a prestigious international award C21 Media in the New Original Format category. In spring 2017, 1+1 TV channel will air season 3 of a prime-time show Blind Marriage, which was also originally developed by 1+1.
1+1 sets the tone not only in regards to original content production, but also adaptation (localization) of foreign formats. 1+1 was the first channel on the Ukrainian television to broadcast a format-based show Dancing With The Stars. Ukraine was the first country in the world to localize the Dutch format The Voice of Holland; it is 1+1’s version of the show that other markets look up to. The channel has already aired ten seasons of The Voice of the Country, together with three seasons of The Voice. Kids. As of today, this program is the best talent show on the Ukrainian television. On top of that, in 2017, viewers will see season 12 of a localized version of Wife Swap, and season 6 of 4 Weddings (Four Weddings format). In addition, it was 1+1 that adapted the world’s famous formats Extreme Makeover (Give Me Back My Beauty), Amazing Race, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares (At Knives’ Points), and many others.
1+1 pays a particular attention to special events important to the country and our audience. Documentaries aired on 1+1 TV channel have become the highest rated documentary projects of the past two years: a documentary drama by Svitlana Usenko, Split into Atoms, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl Power Plant disaster, and a historical project by Akim Halimov, Ukraine. The Return of the Nation’s History, coincided with the 25th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine. Over 5 million viewers celebrated the new year of 2017 singing the national anthem of Ukraine together with the Eurovision winner Jamala, the National Paralympic team of Ukraine, heroes of The Victors project, and 1+1 TV channel’s presenters. Singing of Ukraine’s Anthem on 1+1 was the most rated television event of 2016, while an online version of the Anthem filmed as a 360-degree video reached almost 2.5 million of unique views. For the second year in a row, My Country. Beautiful and Independent, a joint project by 1+1 TV channel and the First Private Brewery, unveils a bird’s eye view of the most fascinating corners of Ukraine.
TV audiences chooses 1+1 to watch the best foreign movies and TV series: Home Alone, Die Hard, Sherlock, and The Magnificent Century. 1+1 was the first channel in Ukraine to broadcast TV series in English.
1+1 TV channel’s popularity goes beyond linear television. More than 1 million unique users visit 1plus1.ua website. Tsn.ua website is one of the biggest online information resources in Ukraine with almost 3 million monthly visitors. 1+1 projects’ official pages on social networks have over 7 million users in total; 1+1’s official accounts on Facebook and Vkontakte are the most popular communities among all Ukrainian TV channels.
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