2+2 TV channel
2+2 TV channel 2+2 is a nationwide Ukrainian TV Channel, which offers viewers a high-quality selection of current affairs and socio-political projects of in-house production; entertainment programs; films; TV series; and top-tier soccer games, all aimed mainly at male audience. 2+2 TV channel’s target audience is men aged between 18 and 54 years old.
Coverage of the most burning events in the ATO area, the other most important issues of the country’s development, and the world’s reaction to the events in our country is available to 2+2 viewers in the news editions of Spetskor (Special Correspondent), the program that broadcasts on weekdays at 6:30pm. The program’s presenters, Oleksandr Motornyi and Ruslan Yarmolyuk, both are 2+2 war-correspondents. They replace each other weekly not only in the studio, but also at the forefront.
Journalists of the investigation project Lustrator 7.62 (translator’s note: Lustrator means ‘someone who purges officials’) not only conduct high-profile exposures in the program, but also help bring certain participants of criminal schemes to justice. The program’s name is very symbolic: it shows the need to purge officials, but also emphasizes the intransigence of Lustrator and its host, the ATO veteran Kostiantyn Lokhvytskyi. 7.62 is not just numbers: it is one of the most popular calibers of firearms, including Kalashnikovs.
Sekretni Materialy. Pidsumky (Confidential Materials.The Wrap-Up) hosted by Karolina Ashion is a journalistic investigation program with its focus on issues of national security, corruption at all echelons of power, arbitrary behavior of major businessmen, and interweaving of criminal interests between law enforcers and light-fingered smart dealers.
DzheDAI program not only promptly informs viewers of 2+2 on road accidents in Ukraine and abroad, and legislative innovations, but also provides legal advice in controversial matters regarding RTAs, and practical tips regarding car maintenance, in addition to entertaining viewers with curious incidents of life on the road. DzheDAI project and its host Yana Andreeva daily help both pedestrians and car owners feel confident and protected on Ukrainian roads.
Alongside socio-political and current affairs programs, a number of sports, educational, and humorous projects, domestic and foreign films and TV series are widely present on 2+2 TV channel’s lineup, which allows viewers to experience vivid emotions, get rid of stress, and escape from everyday problems.
A football-dedicated analytical talk show ProFootball is the first in domestic TV space to review the football week, remind viewers of the hottest moments of games, make it possible to see exclusive behind-the-scene footage from sports fields and contribute to the quality analysis of football events supported by a balanced assessment by experts. Every Sunday at 9:30 pm, the live discussion on ProFootball is hosted by its constant hosts Ihor Tsyhanyk and Oleksandra Loboda accompanied by well-known football experts.
For those who love sports, 2+2 channel offers the most interesting broadcasts of football games of the Ukrainian Football Championship, and boxing matches, documentary special projects dedicated to landmark events and renowned personalities of the national sports. In addition, in 2017, 2+2 has become an official broadcaster of the world’s most popular series of the MMA tournaments, the UFC. The 2+2 TV channel’s official website offers its viewers streams of sports events.
The Nature’s Revenge weekly program is a documentary project by in-house production follows natural disasters caused by hyperactive manmade activity. Each episode of the program rates the most powerful and mysterious convulsions of nature ever known to the mankind; tells stories of survivors of devastating disasters; and shows the results of shocking events.
Currently, the channel’s penetration in the cities with the population over 50 thousand people is 82% and 81% Ukraine-wide. The channel’s average viewing share in 2016 reached 4.2% per day and 4.5% in prime time slot (7-11pm) for the audience: Men aged 18-54 years old in the cities with the population over 50 thousand people.
The Affinity index of 2+2 for the target audience M18-54 is significantly higher than that of other channels of 1+1 media Group, and amounts to 142% in 2016.
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