TET TV channel
TET is like a combination of a movie-verse Tony Stark and a real-life businessman Elon Musk with an excellent sense of style and an assurance that you must take things with humor or else life will drive you crazy. TET has sweetened mundanity with jokes and communicates it to more than 100 Ukrainian cities. The channel’s penetration is 92.4%. Broadcasting: terrestrial, satellite, cable. TET is oriented towards an audience of Earth dwellers aged between 8 and 40 inhabiting mainly the territory of Ukraine.
The TV channel first appeared on air in Kyiv on January 24, 1992 under the name Tet-a-Tet and became the only alternative to the “solid” state-owned television. In 2001, it received a regional status, and in 2003 became nationwide. Since 2009, TET has been part of 1+1 Media Group. In April 2016, Viktoriya Levchenko has become the channel’s General Producer.
Based on the results of 2016, TET was ranked 4th among Ukrainian TV channels; it repeatedly reached 2nd place by the daily share. In the morning slot, TET is a steady leader in the Ukrainian market. An average daily performance in target audience in 2016 was 7.3%, which is a record-breaking yearly share in the entire history of the TV channel. Over 8.2 million Ukrainian viewers per day watch TET TV channel.
TET knows that if you haven’t laughed even once within a day consider this day lost. That’s why the channel’s program grid consists of a high-quality entertainment content based on in-house programs such as comedy TV series «Vitalka», «Once Upon a Time near Poltava», «Once Upon a Time in Odesa»; sketchcom «U Country», reality show «The Lady and the Peasant» and «LoveLoveCar», show «UN» as well as premieres of the best international TV series. TET believes that it is easier to make the world a better place using humor rather than moralistic nagging. Because each joke is only partly a joke.
TET provides access to the most delicious humor 24/7, and not just on television. The channel pays a great attention to its presence in the digital-space, which has already allowed it to create an extensive loyal online community. So you can develop a sense of TET either in front of a TV screen at home or using your laptop in the office, or even in traffic zoning out with your smartphone.