NewsNews12 December 2018

1+1 media reports on the supply to Ukraine of equipment for receiving an encoded satellite signal

The 1+1 media group, which in March was the first among domestic media groups to sign an agreement on the supply of satellite TV receivers, reports that, as part of the satellite signal encoding planned for the 2nd quarter of 2019, the first batch of set-top boxes - equipment, has already been delivered to Ukraine. necessary to receive the coded signal.

In order to create favorable conditions for a comfortable transition of subscribers and as simple as possible connection and reception of the signal, 1+1 media, together with other media groups, took care in advance of providing the population with access to equipment and together with the company "STRONG", one of the largest importers and manufacturers of satellite in Ukraine of receiving equipment, delivered set-top boxes in the amount needed to satisfy the first wave of demand from satellite reception subscribers - 45,000 units. Deliveries will be made in several stages.

As of today, December 12, the equipment can be purchased in most Ukrainian wholesale and retail chains, on e-commerce web platforms and from official satellite television operators. In particular, the satellite provider "VIASAT" will sell set-top boxes at a recommended price of UAH 1,099 per unit. Also, to support subscribers who need to purchase receivers in connection with coding, the "VIASAT" company offers a special "National" tariff package, which includes rated and national TV channels for UAH 29/month.

"Delivery of set-top boxes to Ukraine, without which it will be impossible to watch TV channels broadcast from a satellite, is the second important step in this complex project of satellite signal coding. The first step was the introduction of changes to the licenses of TV channels regarding the replacement of the type of reception of the satellite signal from open to closed. By supplying set-top boxes to the market, media groups actually confirm their strong intention to encode the signal and demonstrate that not only they, but also importers, distributors and satellite providers are involved in this process. All participants actively cooperate with each other. I am sure that there is no turning back, because all the commitments we have already taken and continue to take will be implemented next year. The final encoding of the satellite signal is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2019, and I am convinced that we will meet this deadline," said Yaroslav Pakholchuk, executive director and director of the pay TV division of the 1+1 media group.  

We remind you that satellite signal coding in Ukraine is carried out in order to limit the territory of satellite coverage in Ukraine in order to protect the rights of content producers and copyright holders. This approach to broadcasting content is typical of all developed European markets, so its adoption will allow Ukrainian broadcasters not only to protect content from piracy and illegal broadcasting without a license, but also to meet international industry standards.

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