NewsNews31 August 2021

On August 31, 2021, Kyivstar TV, 1+1 media and launch a special project "About cinema without borders"

The Kyivstar TV online television platform, the 1+1 media group and the news resource are joining forces to jointly create a series of publications with interviews of prominent figures in the film industry over the past 30 years of independent Ukraine. The project, which will be called " About cinema without borders " , will bring together more than 10 stories of leading Ukrainian actors, directors, cameramen, screenwriters, producers and ideas, who actively influence the development of modern cinema and destroy any boundaries and stereotypes.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate through personalities how deep and multifaceted domestic cinema is and to prove how much in this field depends on the love and respect of the audience.

"Ukraine has given the world a lot of iconic films that have become real classics. Year after year, they are given as an example at thematic events, they are proud and inspired in many corners of the globe - such as "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" or "Zahar Berkut". However, during the time of Independence, the cinema industry has undergone many changes. What exactly - we will tell within the framework of a special project with more than 10 legendary representatives of the industry, who prove by their own example: in Ukraine there can be a huge amount of high-quality and exemplary cinema, which destroys any boundaries and stereotypes, at most, with the background that was going decades, it is quite possible to do it in the near future. All that is required is to consolidate and put in maximum effort. We at Kyivstar TV are actively working on this ," commented Pavlo Rybak , head of Kyivstar TV.

All stories will be available to readers on a special platform from via this link . On the landing, you can already read the interviews of the three first heroes of the project - legendary actors Volodymyr Horyanskyi and Larysa Kadochnikova , as well as the young and ambitious director Antonio Lukich . Who will join the initiative next and tell their unique and deep story related to Ukrainian cinematography will be known very soon.

Svitlana Panyushkina , head of the news resource, adds: "30 years of Ukraine's Independence is an important anniversary for each of us, so we want to celebrate it with meaningful and educational projects. Telling about the development of the film industry, the reader will immerse himself in memories, hear a large portion of previously unknown facts and learn more about the members of the creative cluster, who made a significant contribution, so that Ukraine as a country of talented people is talked about all over the world."

Viktoriya Kvitka , known for her participation in the social initiative #zabutyprovik of the 1+1 media group, became the photographer of the project "About cinema without borders". According to Victoria, her goal in this collaboration is to reveal the heroes from the other side and demonstrate their soul to millions of Ukrainians with the help of photos.  

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