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For the first time in the history of the Earth, a signal will be launched into space, which consists exclusively of children's dreams

For the first time in world history, on planet Earth, more than 100,000 drawings of children's dreams will be encoded into a signal and sent into space. The event, which will be talked about by millions of people, will take place on Saturday, September 28, at 20:00 at the powerful space station located in Zolochiv, Lviv region.

The State Space Agency works together with the team of the Make a Dream charity project, which organizes the coding and transmission of the radio signal from children's drawings 41 light years into the universe. Pixels of dreams will be in outer space forever.

The dreams of Ukrainian children will fly to the stars at a speed of almost 3 million meters per second and cover a distance of about 4 trillion kilometers. Scientists talk about the probability of a response to the signal of dreams from extraterrestrial civilizations of our Galaxy.

"We created a special program for converting dreams into pixels and sending them. We tested the equipment and we can say that sending such a volume of data at one time has never happened before. Our team will be working for a whole month with this mission called "Dream Beam". We already know the detailed route by which dreams will fly," says Volodymyr Prysiazhny, head of the National Center for Control and Testing of Space Vehicles.

According to him, extraterrestrial civilizations will probably be able to receive the signal. "It will be possible to track the whereabouts of the Dream Ray after it has been sent thanks to mathematical calculations. The images are coded with simple numbers that will enable other civilizations to understand them. There are no risks of such a Space Mission. The signal cannot harm spacecraft and is environmentally friendly. The UN Convention contains a clause that allows sending signals into space if they carry a positive message and there is no aggression there. Information with pictures of children's dreams is exactly that. In one second, the signal will travel 300,000 kilometers. And it will fly 41 light years to the planetary system TRAPPIST-1, which is located in the constellation Aquarius. There are four exoplanets there that meet the criteria for the presence of life, probably there is liquid water, which means there is life. They were presented by NASA and included in the catalog in 2017," Prysiazhny adds.

Simultaneously with the radio signal of dreams into space, on September 28 at 20:00 on the main street of the country at 36 Khreshchatyk during the Kyiv Lights Festival , a light beam of dreams will fly into the sky - it will be an artistic visualization of a cosmic event. Zolochiv - Kyiv - Universe - planet TRAPPISTA -1.

Augmented reality will be combined with 3D mapping, and an incredible picture will open on the entire building of the Kyiv City State Administration. The authors are SKILZ artists . Entrance to the festival will be free, and everyone present will be able to join the historical event, see dreams and turn on augmented reality to watch dream drawings come to life, touch the dream through their smartphone, take photos and videos. To do this, you need to install a special free application Promin Mriy (Ray of dreams). More than 500,000 visitors are expected over the two days.

How dreams will fly to the stars with a radio signal and light simultaneously from two points can be watched live on TSN and on online broadcasts. A documentary will be made about this event

"We conducted an all-Ukrainian study that showed that children's ability to dream is fading, and modern society does not develop this ability in them. Only 5% of children dream, the other 95% have mainly material desires, and 38% of parents do not know what they fantasize about children. At the same time, almost all children want to have superpowers, but dreams are the superpowers that are given to us from birth. We will show everyone the superpower of dreams, which will overcome trillions of kilometers, touch the stars and become Eternity, show that our dreams can everything and even become a part of the universe. The future begins with a dream. We believe that true desires have no limits! Those who dream - reach all the peaks, do not limit themselves by frames in adult life. Children will see how their small fantasies become huge! And everything will definitely come true. The launch of "Ray of a Dream" will definitely inspire children to dream, "says project curator Lidia Taran.

Drawings of children's dreams were collected throughout the year during the all-Ukrainian art marathon #myадитячамрия on a tour of cities and online, in particular, at dream classes in schools and hospitals of the country. Drawings of children who dream of peace, finding their family, returning home, being healthy, playing football with the Martians, taking their mother into space, becoming a cat, growing a mermaid tail, inventing new sources of energy, learning to fly, will fly into space. all animals did not die, stop time, open the portal of happiness, visit a magical forest and many other incredible ideas and hopes. Dreamers from all regions of the country will be present when the Start button is pressed on the space station and in the mission control station.

The organizer and initiator of the launch of dreams into space was the team of the Ukrainian charity project "Make a dream come true" 1 + 1 media. Alfa-Bank Ukraine and Osvitoria became patrons. During the three years of its existence, the grandiose dreams of children fighting for life were fulfilled in the project - a trip to Brazil and meeting football stars, creating a Supermobile, a Princess ball, filming in popular TV series and even meeting the Dragon from the cartoon in Dubai, meeting Cristiano Ronaldo , Nikom Vuychich, Robot Sofiya and others.

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