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Lessons from the All-Ukrainian School online and content for distance learning are available on Kyivstar TV

Video materials of the All-Ukrainian School online have become available on the Kyivstar TV online television platform, which are located in the new " Education " section. Every willing user has free access to lectures within the schedule and can thus study remotely. The section's library is constantly updated with new useful content for the smallest users: language courses, IT lessons and much more.

In addition, from Monday, March 14, the educational project "Learning without borders" will be launched on Ukrainian television, implemented at the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, TV channels PLUSPLUS, "Pixel" and regional channels of the Public Broadcaster, as well as platforms online television, including Kyivstar TV.

So, from Monday to Friday (March 14-18), a series of lessons for students of grades 5-11 in the disciplines "Ukrainian language", "Mathematics" and "History of Ukraine" will start every day at 10:00. TV channels will selectively broadcast content for different classes:

TV channel "Pixel" - lessons for 5th grade (10:00) and 6th grade (11:00) PLUSPLUS TV channel — lessons for 7th grade (10:00), 8th grade (11:00), 11th grade (12:00) Regional channels of Suspilny — lessons for 9th grade (10:00) and 10th grade (11:00).

On Kyivstar TV, you will be able to watch lessons both online, by choosing the appropriate channel, and in the recording - absolutely free of charge. Also, the content is available to everyone who is abroad, you just need to log in to the platform for free.

"We take care that the children have the opportunity to study in these difficult times and that after our victory in the war, adaptation and return to the educational process takes place as easily as possible. Therefore, we have opened access to all educational content on the platform, we are working on constant updating and we are doing everything to ensure that education in our country is really carried out without borders, " commented Kyivstar TV .

We will remind you that since the beginning of the war, Kyivstar TV provided authorized users with free access to news TV channels and all children's content. Also, all Russian content was removed from the platform.

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