NewsNews15 August 2021

During the filming of the protest action near the President's Office, a TV operator of 1+1 media was injured

The 1+1 media group informs with indignation that yesterday, August 14, during a protest action near the President's Office, announced by the activists of the National Corps, an employee of the company - a TV operator of the News Television Service, a participant of the ATO, the deputy commander of the "Karpatska Sich" platoon, Anton Filipp, was injured. Anton, together with TSN correspondent Oleksandr Romanyuk, filmed the course of the action , which turned from a rally into a real fight.

As a result of clashes between activists and the police, Anton Filipp was knocked down and received a large portion of tear gas. As of August 15, the victim's condition has worsened, doctors also suspect a concussion, which could have been caused by a fall or a blow. Currently, 1+1 media is providing the necessary assistance to Anton - both medical and legal - and demands that the attacker be found and brought to justice. A corresponding application will be submitted to the National Police of Ukraine.

According to the victim, the attack on him took place after individual activists identified the symbols of the 1+1 TV channel on the filming equipment and hostile calls towards the employee of the media holding. Such actions, the media group is convinced, contradict the principles of free journalism and call into question not only the safety of journalists while performing their official duties (a photojournalist of the "Bukva" publication was also injured during the action), but also the nature of such actions in particular. After all, the responsibility lies not only with the initiator of the rally, but also with the political forces, which use pseudo-patriotic rhetoric to impose a language of enmity on society and provoke clashes, in particular by financing such actions. Therefore, we expect a quick reaction of the law enforcement agencies and, accordingly, punishment of the culprits in the current situation.


Anton Filipp joined the 1+1 media team in June 2019 as a TSN operator. During his work, he showed himself as a responsible employee and an open, calm and decent person, a true patriot of his country. Anton is now 29 years old, and in October 2014 he volunteered in the ATO zone. Served in the "Karpatska Sich" battalion, was deputy platoon commander. He performed combat tasks in the village of Pisky and participated in the defense of the city of Maryinka.

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