NewsNews8 June 2018

Employees of "1+1 Media" received honorary state awards on Journalist's Day

On Journalist's Day, according to Presidential Decree No. 159/2018, TSN channel "1+1" correspondent Alla Khotsyanivska was awarded the Order of Princess Olga of the III degree, and Andriy Marchenko, the operator of the TSN and "Spetskor" programs of the "2+2" channel, was awarded the Order of Merit of the III degree.

According to the document, they were recognized for their significant personal contribution to the development of Ukrainian journalism, many years of conscientious work and high professional skill.

Alla Khotsyanivska was not present at the award ceremony - now she works in the east, in the recently liberated village of Pivdenne on the outskirts of Horlivka. The journalist has been traveling to the front lines since 2015, before that she covered the events of the "Revolution of Dignity" from the first to the last day.

"This award is a surprise for me. I consider the audience's attention and their trust in TSN to be the main recognition of my work," the journalist commented.

TSN and Spetskor operator Andriy Marchenko has been working for 1+1 since 2011, he covered the events on the Maidan, the occupation of Crimea, and with the beginning of ATO, he works on the front lines together with journalist Oleksandr Motorny.

It should be noted that the Order of Princess Olga is a state award of Ukraine for awarding women for outstanding services in the state, industrial, civic, scientific, educational, cultural, charitable and other spheres of social activity, raising children in the family.

The Order of Merit is a state award of Ukraine, which recognizes the outstanding merits of citizens in the economic, scientific, socio-cultural, military, state, public and other spheres of social activity.

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