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Welcome to the page of “Pluses” Sales House! Here, you can familiarize yourself with advertising opportunities of 1+1 Media Group, which includes a number of popular media and effective communication channels for your brand.  

TV channels

1+1, TET, 2+2, PLUSPLUS, and partner TV channels: Discovery, TLC, OTV, Ru Music, First National, TRC Era


“Hell’s Kitchen” Magazine


1+1 Media provides vast opportunities for custom advertising manifestations – sponsorship, integrated advertising, and brand partnership.

Direct advertising

1+1 Media Group’s Sales House offers opportunities for placement of advertising in commercial breaks.

In order to evaluate advertising opportunities of 1+1 Media Group and partners you should specify a campaign budget, select a target audience and see the calculation results.

Also, you can go another way – not based on budget, but on goals of advertising campaign – and choose the level of target contacts or the level of the necessary coverage by moving the interactive buttons of the Red Button.

To obtain reliable results, it is necessary to perform calculations for campaigns lasting less than three months and not less than three weeks.

Calculations reflect results based on balanced distribution during the campaign period and in accordance with genuine distribution of shares of channels and prime and off-prime time.

After making the evaluation using ‘Red Button’, you can always ask the Sales House experts for advice and in order to obtain / confirm the advertising placement conditions.

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Contact Information for Advertisers


Valeriy Varenytsia, Commercial Director

Tymofiy Gonta, Head of Direct Advertising Department

Kateryna Kudrytska, Head of Sponsorship and Custom Advertising Manifestations, Brand Partnership Department

​Maryna Kolesnikova, Head of Internet Advertising Sales Department

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