1+1 Production

We create content for making life better. We - one of the leading TV content production in Eastern Europe. Create a program for channels 1 + 1 group Media and open to cooperation with broadcasters outside Ukraine.

Create content formats:

  1. Large studio show
  2. Concert show
  3. TV Shows
  4. Reality
  5. Documentary
  6. Skrіpted realіtі
  7. Comedy
On account of "1 + 1 Production" real hits TV production, review and sympathy leaders audiences.
Organization of production process
"1 + 1 Production" offers its services in organizing and providing the television production process, both in Ukraine and abroad. We have extensive experience of shooting events (concerts, football matches, visits of officials, festivals, etc.).
Chest of ideas
Want to offer "1+1 Production" own television show idea or know whether it will be potentially interesting? If you are overwhelmed with ideas for new programs and formats, "1 + 1 Production" creates chest of ideas for your professional creative suggestions. What are we waiting for? Any ideas for new shows, TV formats, series, if you feel that they really fresh and will keep the audience confined to the TV.

However, before you send us your proposal, give an answer to these questions:

  • Where in your story a beginning, middle and end?
  • What unique ideas, who will watch it and why?
1 + 1 Production looking for interesting characters who are willing to change life in front of the whole country. Learn all about casting 1 + 1 Production - the rules for new projects, requirements and how to complete the application form. To participate in the casting, go to the website and select the desired project.
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