1+1 Media, as the producer and right holder of the original audiovisual product, actively fights for the observance of intellectual property rights and makes significant efforts to minimize piracy as a phenomenon in the Ukrainian media space, which hinders the development of a culture of legal content consumption.

Clear Sky Initiative

Clear Sky Initiative

The Clear Sky initiative was created in the summer of 2013 to develop a legal audio-visual product on the Ukrainian Internet and combat resources that distribute content in violation of intellectual property rights. TCSI has 21 participants and 12 partners, including the most significant players in the media market of Ukraine. 1+1 Media is a member of the initiative.


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Work with B2B audiences
Follow the money approach
Cooperation with cyberpolice
Public information about sites and providers that have claims from participants of "Clear Sky"
Requests to payment systems to block payments of violators of intellectual property rights of Clear Sky members
Spreading the culture of consumption of legal content and copyright protection


A specialized service that blocks pirated content on the Internet quickly. With the help of software, the robot searches and sends complaints to protect content on the web.