History of 1+1 media

1+1 media group is Ukraine's oldest media holding and one of the largest media holdings in Eastern Europe. Our story began in the fall of 1995, when Oleksandr Rodnyansky founded Studio 1+1 Production Company. Over time, other TV channels, a news agency, online media, platforms, educational and charitable projects, etc. appeared, and the number of initiatives grew every day.

It was on September 3, 1995, that the words «Hello, Studio 1+1 is on the air» were first heard from the presenter Lyudmyla Klepakova on the air of UT-1 Channel.

From the first days of its existence, the 1+1 media group embodied progressive ideas, began to speak in Ukrainian and about Ukrainian, started trends in the media market, and broadcast a new vision of the world:

  • Domestic television began to speak Ukrainian precisely on 1+1;
  • "Plus" started the trend of purchasing foreign content and provided dubbing, which became, without exaggeration, legendary;
  • TV channel TET became the first entertainment channel in Ukraine;
  • "Look!" was the first program in the infotainment genre on domestic TV on TET;
  • TSN on 1+1 was the first to declare among its priorities "showing real news for real people," getting rid of the templates inherent in that time;
  • The "Breakfast with 1+1" project is the longest-running live broadcast and the highest-rated morning show in the country;
  • 1+1 media became the first company in the media sphere which comprehensively deals with the development of the employer's brand and takes care of corporate culture;
  • PLUSPLUS TV channel started mass production of children's television projects in Ukraine;
  • 1+1 media became the first media group to develop its project formats with successful implementation abroad;
  • TV channel 1+1 has introduced a trend for live broadcast projects in Ukraine;
  • 1+1 media was the first to start differentiating YouTube channels by the project.

Key events

24 January 1992 year
Creating TET channel
15 March 1993 year
Creating Unian channel
3 September 1995 year
Birthday of 1+1
On the messaging of UT-1, for the first time, the presenter Lyudmila Klepakova announced: Congratulations! Studio 1+1 is on the air
1 January 1997 year
The first episode of the Television News Service (TSN) with presenter Alla Mazur was broadcast
1 April 1997 year
The beginning of the morning show «Breakfast with 1+1»
1 March 2006 year
1+1 International TV Channel started broadcasting
21 April 2008 year
VIASAT, a partner of 1+1 media, was founded
21 August 2008 year
The TSN.ua news site was launched
28 July 2010 year
UNIAN TV Channel started broadcasting
30 August 2010 year
2+2 TV channel started broadcasting
4 August 2012 year
PLUSPLUS TV channel started of broadcasting
26 November 2012 year
Opening of the 1+1 media office at 23 Kyrylivska Street
20 September 2013 year
The High School of Media & Production (now 1+1 media school) educational project was launched
13 January 2014 year
Bihudi TV channel started broadcasting
19 October 2015 year
"Home TV" (since December 11, 2019 it’s "Kyivstar TV") was launched
4 August 2016 year
Kvartal TV channel started of broadcasting
22 March 2017 year
1+1 media created its own Uplink satellite transmission station
2 June 2017 year
1+1 media completed the stage of transition of all TV channels of the group to the 16:9 broadcast format.
7 September 2017 year
«1+1 video» platform was launched
16 November 2017 year
1+1 media launches the Ukrainian-language version of the Paramount Comedy channel
11 December 2019 year
1+1 media and Kyivstar launch joint service "Kyivstar TV.
2 March 2020 year
TV channels UNIAN TV and 1+1 International started broadcasting on an open satellite
23 April 2020 year
TV channel PLUSPLUS of the 1+1 media group starts broadcasting in HD quality
6 September 2021 year
Bihudi and two partner channels - Kvartal TV and Paramount Comedy - began to speak in HD
24 February 2022 year
The 1+1 media group joined the country's joint information broadcast "United News"
15 December 2022 year
The TV channel 1+1 Ukraine has started broadcasting
It broadcasts your favorite entertainment content of the 1+1 TV channel
1 March 2023 year
Comedy Central was added to the portfolio of partner TV channels of 1+1 media
It replaced the Paramount Comedy channel
21 April 2023 year
Bigudi TV channel has been available on T2 digital airwaves
To be continued!