About us

We are a team of People of Ideas who create modern, high-quality Ukrainian content that can change people's perception of the world and themselves. 1+1 media is one of the largest media holdings in Eastern Europe, which works 24/7 for the main goal – Ukraine's victory in the war with russia.

Mediagroup creates a high-quality European media product and provides the broadest possible access to information. The company has extensive production facilities and distributes content virtually worldwide. In addition, 1+1 media develops its formats of projects successfully implemented abroad. It also has enormous expertise in developing large shows, social initiatives, and various events.



We create modern, high-quality European content that changes people's perception of the world and themselves.
We are building a successful business with the best team in the media sphere of Ukraine, which is able to find and carry out unique ideas.
We believe in freedom of speech in Ukraine. We provide people with the widest access to information and objective coverage of events.
We are where our audience is. 1+1 media content is available on all distribution channels and on any screen.

Company values

In our daily work, in communication with colleagues and partners, in our approaches to carrying out projects, we are guided by such corporate values as courage, honesty, responsibility, openness, respect and love.
We bravely take on challenges and overcome them together
We are honest with ourselves and in all our actions
We are responsible for every word and deed
There are no communication barriers for us
Respect and love
We value different points of view and accept everyone as they are

History of 1+1 media

1+1 media group is Ukraine's oldest media holding. Our story began in the fall of 1995, when Oleksandr Rodnyansky founded Studio 1+1 Production Company. Over time, other TV channels, a news agency, online media, platforms, educational and charitable projects, etc. appeared, and the number of initiatives grew every day.
From the first years of its existence, 1+1 media has established itself as a trendsetter.

Board of Directors of 1+1 Media

Membership and Partnerships