NewsNews11 April 2022

1+1 media school launches a series of free online lectures for students in grades 5-11

In the future, listeners will be able to join the thematic lectures twice a week, detailed information about which will be posted on the official pages of 1+1 media and 1+1 media school in social networks. Recordings of lectures and methodical materials will be published in a special Telegram channel.

The preliminary schedule of lectures is given below, and registration for the intensives is available for all interested parties at this link .

- April 15 — "Presentation skills";

- April 19 — "What are the most popular types of business in the world";

- April 21 — "Media Professions";

- April 26 — "News for children";

- April 28 - "Why do you need to study every day? How to fall in love with learning";

- May 3 — "Social networks";

- May 5 - "What is business. Can a student be a businessman";

- May 10 — "Balance Wheels";

- May 12 — "Business industries";

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