NewsNews9 June 2021

1+1 media is concerned about threats to the host of the "Money" program on the 2+2 TV channel

The 1+1 media group is concerned about the situation surrounding Oleksandr Prepodobny, host of the "Money" program on 2+2. In particular, threats of physical violence began to be sent to him, the reason for which was the story dated 05/31/2021 on the topic : "How some Ukrainian oligarchs got rich on the deaths of Ukrainians and fake fuel for your cars." Messages with threats and insults were sent to the host's personal phone immediately after the broadcast of the program.

In this regard, on June 7, the IP "1+1 Production" sent a statement about a criminal offense to the head of the National Police of Ukraine I.V. Klymenko. The company is concerned about the health and life of the employee, as well as his relatives, and perceives the threats from the plot figure as quite real. Currently, the company is doing everything possible to guarantee Oleksandr's safety, however, we hope for a quick resolution of the situation on the part of law enforcement agencies and ask to accept and consider a statement of a criminal offense.

In addition, we note that such illegal actions, threats and harassment of a media representative indicate disrespect for the institution of journalism and leveling of freedom of speech in Ukraine.

We attach the full text of the statement as an attachment .

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