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1+1 media launched the "Responsible Lifestyle" educational project, which popularizes a conscious lifestyle

At a time when world leaders are discussing climate change and human rights, and international companies are investing their assets in social projects, a large part of the population is not aware of their role in the changes around them. After all, according to the "butterfly effect", everyday actions of everyone, such as a discarded plastic bag, affect the decrease in the population of blue whales in the world.

Guided by the goals of sustainable development, 1+1 media launches the "Responsible Lifestyle" educational project. Low awareness of Ukrainians about social and environmental problems becomes an obstacle to solving them. That is why an online resource was created that encourages a conscious lifestyle. The "Responsible Lifestyle" platform covers the topics of ecology, current news of Corporate Social Responsibility, social entrepreneurship, universal design, UN Sustainable Development Goals, talks about trends and life hacks for everyday life, and also contains educational columns and selections of current events. Experts and opinion leaders from the corporate and public sector share their ideas and advice.

Are paper cups recycled? How are people with disabilities employed? What is the responsibility of business to society? And how do my actions affect the world around me? The preservation of the planet and the sustainable development of humanity depend on these and other questions, but we do not often think about the answers to them.

"The time when it was possible not to be interested in how our habits affect the environment has passed - every day we face the consequences of excessive pollution, natural phenomena caused by global warming. I try very hard to buy goods in plastic containers as little as possible, sort garbage, use my own bag or bag in stores, but still, every week I am faced with the fact that I take more than a kilo of plastic and paper out of the house. It would be very good if we, as a young country that can already apply the best practices, already started state regulation towards a more responsible attitude towards natural resources. School and preschool programs, packaging certification standards, social protocols, forming habits from the youngest age in the family circle. Each of us leaves behind to our children not only genes, habits, traditions, but also tons of dangerous garbage. It is worth thinking about how to reduce this damage", - believes Oleksandra Koltsova, singer of the band "Kryhitka", initiator of the ecological program to reduce the consumption of plastic, head of the charity fund "Daryna Zholdak Foundation".

Using the example of specific people and projects, the information resource proves that a conscious attitude to the surrounding world can become the lifestyle of every Ukrainian.

"Often everyday actions of people take place "automatically", without thinking about what consequences this may have for their family, country, and the world. Not everyone associates batteries thrown into a garbage pit with pregnancy problems of a huge number of women. Not everyone thinks about the fact that low-quality food in the store near the house is the effect of tons of plastic that they themselves threw away somewhere. And sometimes you can simply change a certain habit, which will have a huge effect in sustainable development for the whole country. For example, go to the store with a reusable bag, and drink coffee from your mug, not paper cups. I hope that this guide to a socially responsible life will become a mentor for many Ukrainians," says Maryna Hrytsenko, head of the corporate social responsibility group at 1+1 media.

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