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On February 13, Kyivstar TV will host the exclusive premiere of the original series "Mad Neighbors"

The series became a continuation of the film universe "Mad Wedding"  

On February 13 , the premiere of the original series " Mad Neighbors " will take place on the Kyivstar TV film and television platform , which is a partnership project of the 1+1 media group and the Kyivstar company . The series will be available to users of the platform exclusively before the television premiere, which will take place on the TV channel TET soon.

The series " Mad Neighbors " is based on the most successful Ukrainian film franchise "Mad Wedding". 1+1 media together with FILM.UA Group and Prototype Production worked on the production of the product specifically for the Kyivstar TV platform.

"Despite the challenges of a full-scale invasion, we are confidently developing the original direction, and "Mad Neighbors" is an important premiere not only for Kyivstar TV, but also for the entire industry. It is especially valuable for us to support viewers in such an extremely difficult time, to provide access to life-affirming and positive content, which is the new series. We hope for a speedy recovery of the industry, because there are so many local stories of various genres that will best present Ukraine, including on the international market," Kyivstar TV commented.

The series " Mad Neighbors " currently has two seasons, consisting of 24 episodes each. The duration of one series is 25 minutes. Starting from February 13, from Monday to Thursday, new series of the project will appear alternately on the platform - one a day. The premiere of the second season of the series will take place on March 24.

According to the plot, everything is finally calm in the Seredyuk family: a number of loud weddings are over, and the annoying neighbor Taras has disappeared from the horizon, unable to withstand the oppression of the family. So Vasyl (Nazar Zadniprovskyi) and Galina (Lesya Samaeva) can finally spend more time with each other. The harmony is disturbed by the neighbor Oksana (Vira Kobzar), who brought a new husband from the resort. He turned out to be a former classmate of Vasyl Seredyuk, who tormented him all his school years. Since then, a new confrontation between neighbors begins.

Familiar characters from the "Mad Wedding" movie universe will return to the screens, and new heroes will appear. The leading roles in the series are played by famous Ukrainian actors: Nazar Zadniprovskyi, Lesya Samaeva, Jimmy Vokha-Vokha, Polina Vasylyna, Yurii Gorbunov, Oleksiy Potapenko (Potap), Kateryna Rubashkina, Vyacheslav Hostikoev, Kateryna Fine, Vera Kobzar, Inna Prykhodko, Aram Arzumanyan, Vitaly Ivanchenko, Volodymyr Mykolaenko, Yevhen Ovcharov, Dmytro Surzhikov and others.

We will remind you that one of the advantages of connecting to Kyivstar TV is the ability to watch content from five different types of devices - from smartphones, tablets, laptops, Smart TV or TV tuners, as well as for Kyivstar subscribers without paying for internet traffic. In total, the platform has more than 320 TV channels and 20,000 movies and series.

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