NewsNews6 May 2022

Until May 8 and 9, TSN will broadcast special news broadcasts from Berlin

" Berlin is the city where the victory over Nazism took place, where it was finally defeated. In the 21st century, Nazism came to be called racism. We will talk about parallels and transformations, about how Germany experienced this experience and what Russia will have to experience. On air   we will show the facts, places, events and their consequences for the whole world then, and now, during the war in Ukraine. In the issue of TSN   May 8   we will find out why the "celebration" of victory took terrible forms. We will not forget those who " killed the brown plague " and those who are now protecting Ukraine and all of Europe. Also on this day, May 8, is Mother's Day in Ukraine. Thanks and low bow to all the mothers of our defenders. You gave birth to a nation of invincibles, " she said   TSN host Nataliya Moseychuk.

During the broadcast, TSN presents exclusive materials about the Second World War and the modern war of Ukraine against the Russian invaders. The issues will analyze in detail the concept of " Nazism " with all its manifestations, causes and consequences. TSN will draw historical parallels between World War II and Russia's current war against Ukraine.

Viewers will see a series of exclusive stories about Hitler's bunker, in which the head of the Nazi regime committed suicide, and find out where Putin is hiding now and why the same fate awaits him. The broadcast will show a report from the city of Pirna, in which the Nazis during the Second World War learned to kill and practiced the technology of gas chambers and other things. TSN reporter Nelly Kowalska will tell about life in Germany during the Soviet occupation through the eyes of the Germans themselves. And Natalia Fibrig in the report   will show horrors   of the German city of Demmin, in which the Russian army " roamed " , as a result of which more than 900 Germans committed suicide.  

Special guests of the broadcast will frankly tell why the Germans still feel shame for the crimes of the Nazi regime, and how they overcame the path from the main criminals of the world to repentance. At the same time, the question of whether it is possible to cure fascism in the minds of Russian citizens and how to do it will be raised during the broadcast.

Also, TSN issues will show the stories of the life of Ukrainian women in Germany, whose husbands are now at the front, and the stories of volunteers who, being far from the Motherland, work day and night for the victory of Ukraine.

On May 8 and 9, turn on the "Edyny Novy" marathon and watch special editions of TSN from Berlin to the Days of Remembrance and Reconciliation and victory over Nazism in the Second World War.

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