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A soldier of the "Azov" regiment Lev about the unique military rescue operation from Azovstal

The last defenders of Mariupol left Azovstal on May 16. In order to save the lives of seriously wounded comrades, the Ukrainian military conducted a unique operation - evacuation from the completely surrounded city by helicopters.  

According to the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, 16 aircraft were sent to Mariupol, several of them were shot down. Fortunately, everyone else managed to fulfill their mission. In one of the helicopters, which was able to make its way to Azovstal at low altitudes and return to the territories controlled by Ukraine, there was a fighter of the "Azov" regiment, ultras FC "Mariupol" Lev.  

The sports project 1+1 media - "Profutbol Digital " - spoke with the Ukrainian defender, learning the details of the operation, mutual assistance between "Azov" and civilians, the murderous silence in Mariupol and the stories of the dead members of the ultras. The full version of the interview is available on the YouTube channel at this link . The author of the material is sports journalist Oleksiy Serov.  

"We were loaded into a helicopter and we started our journey. We were flying at low altitude, they opened fire on us once. However, the pilots are well done. Their attitude towards us was the same as that of doctors... They did everything professionally and without fear," said Lev in an interview.  

In addition, the fighter of the "Azov" regiment talked about his further plans after a full recovery (only the hero's body was 40% affected by burns).  

"I'm thinking of returning to the boys. Nothing is over yet. Our struggle must continue. We must get our territories back. And our neighbor's country needs to be brought to such a level that it can no longer inflict such losses on anyone", - emphasized the fighter of the "Azov" regiment and ultras of FC "Mariupol".  

We will remind that the sports projects of the 1+1 media group systematically tell about the heroes of the Russian-Ukrainian war, documenting the horrors of the war reality. For example, on the "Profutbol Digital " channel, materials are also available about the fighter who extracted Ukrainians from the army of the so-called "DPR", " Torka " , who miraculously survived on "Azovstal" and was captured by Russia, and Kherson ultras wars and More videos from a link m .  

The key messages of the releases are # BoycottRussianSport , # TurnOffRussia , # StandWithUkraine , # StopWarInUkraine .

Reference : Profutbol Digital is a football and analytical sports project of 1+1 media , within which the most pressing moments of the matches of the Championship of Ukraine and UEFA Cups, news of the football industry, transfers, reforms and forecasts are discussed.

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