NewsNews9 January 2023

1+1 media reports personnel news: media manager Olga Zakharova has joined the company

Olga Zakharova will hold the position of Director of the newly created division — the Department of Strategic Marketing

On January 9, Olga Zakharova - a manager with over 25 years of experience in the media sphere - joined the 1+1 media team. Olga will be the Director of the Group's Strategic Marketing Department. This newly created unit will combine existing services: Corporate Communications, Content Strategy Coordination Department, Research Department, and External and Online Research Group. In addition, all Marketing and PR functions of all divisions of 1+1 media will be under the matrix subordination of the Department.

The team led by Olga Zakharova will work on the development and implementation of the group's overall marketing strategy in response to new challenges dictated by the company's business interests and full-scale war, as well as the formation, development and effective management of the brand portfolio to ensure the leading positions of the media group in competitive markets. In addition, Olga will focus on such essential tasks as providing recommendations for content development, analyzing market trends, studying customer experience, branding and marketing communications, promotion, product PR, integrated communications, and corporate culture as part of the brand.

"Strengthening our team with such a cool figure as Olga Zakharova is another great victory of 1+1 media. I am personally thrilled and have great expectations for this joint new page. Despite all the challenges of war, the "pros" take a course for leadership in each of the media segments of Ukraine in which they work. Olga has tremendous experience in creating super-powerful brands - this is exactly what our multimedia group needs," commented Yaroslav Pakholchuk, CEO of 1+1 media, on the appointment.

"The transformation of the media market began long before the war. I am impressed by the leadership ambitions and the team's desire to restore and build it, offering the audience 1+1 media dialogue, high-quality and interesting content, experimental formats, and multimedia innovations. Grateful for the opportunity to participate in creating new stories and new heroes that we need for Victory and that the world expects from Ukraine," said Olga Zakharova.

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