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1+1 Media Group received a record 43 Teletriumph awards

On April 25, the awarding ceremony of the country's main television award - "Teletriumph" took place. This year, 1+1 media won 43 awards at once, which became an absolute record among other media holdings for the second year in a row.

Alla Mazur, the presenter of "TSN.Tyzhden", received her eighth "Teletriumph" statuette, winning first place in the nomination "Presenter/presenter of an information and analytical program".

The first "News Museum" in Ukraine, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of TSN, won in the "360 Promotion Campaign" nomination. In particular, the winner in the nomination "National information/news program" was "TSN", and in the nomination "Information and analytical program" - "TSN. Tyzhden".

The best entertainment program for children was the PLUSPLUS project "The World is Waiting for Discovery", and the entertainment lifestyle program was "LoveLoveCar" from the TET channel.

Ruslan Senichkin, the host of "Breakfast with 1+1", Igor Tsyganyk, the host of "Profootball" on 2+2, and Oleksandr Dubinsky, the host of the "Money" program received their first award.

Also, once again "Teletriumph" was awarded to the presenters of the 1+1 channel Natalia Mosiychuk and Yuriy Gorbunov.

The projects of the "Kvartal 95" studio, broadcast on the "1+1" channel, were recognized as the best in 6 nominations. In addition, Kateryna Osadcha, host of the program "Social Life" received her first "Teletriumph" in the "Interviewer" category.

The full list of 1+1 media awards at the Teletrumf 2018 awards:

1. Morning/day infotainment program: "Breakfast with 1+1".

2. Host of the morning/daytime information and entertainment program: Ruslan Senichkin, "Breakfast with 1+1"

3. Thematic entertainment program of the lifestyle format: "LoveLoveCar", TET channel

4. Music program/concert/ceremony: TV version of Live Show MONATIK "Vitamin D" channel 1+1

5. Director-producer of an entertainment program-show, humorous program, musical program, concert, ceremony: Andrii Muzyka, "Dancing with the Stars"

6. Entertainment program for children and teenagers: "The world is waiting to be discovered", channel "PLUSLYUS"

7. Director-producer of the morning/daytime program: Dar'ya Kachkovska, "Breakfast with 1+1 "

8. Music design, sound design of the film, series, program: "Servant of the people. From love to impeachment", Kvartal 95 studio

9. Stage designer of the show, concert, ceremony: Volodymyr Koshovy, "Voice of the Country"

10. Sports program/show: "ProFootball"

11. Host of the sports program: Ihor Tsyganyk, "Profutbol"

12. Promotional campaign 360 (broadcast and other media): "News Museum" dedicated to the 20th anniversary of TSN

thirteen. Program design: "Children of Victory"

14. Innovations in the production of 360 video content, VR, AR, etc.: “My country. Beautiful and independent"

15. TV program/show studio design: "Evening Kyiv", studio "Kvartal 95"

16. Director of promo video/channel/program ID, etc.: Oleksiy Ignatiev, "1+1. Let's celebrate together"

17. National information/news program: "TSN"

18. Information and analytical program: "TSN. Week"

19. Investigative Journalism Program: "Money"

20. Host/presenter of the information program (national air): Nataliya Moseychuk, TSN

21. Presenter of the information and analytical program: Alla Mazur, "TSN. Week", channel "1+1"

22. Host of investigative journalism program: Oleksandr Dubinsky, "Money "

23. Documentary film/series/project: "Ukraine returning its history 2".

24. Producer/production group of documentary film, series, project: Akim Galimov, "Ukraine. Returning your story 2"

25. Report (national broadcast): "Reportage Vysota", TSN

26. Reporter (national broadcast): Oleksandr Zagorodny, reporting "Battle in the pro zone", TSN

27. Interviewer: Kateryna Osadcha, "Social life with Kateryna Osadcha"

28. TV movie/series actress: Olena Kravets, "Servant of the people. From love to impeachment", Kvartal 95 studio.

29. Director of the documentary film/series/project: Serhii Sotnichenko, "Children of Victory"

30. Screenwriter/screenwriting team of TV movie/series: "Servant of the people. From love to impeachment"

31. TV movie/mini-series operator (up to 4 episodes): Ihor Ivanov, "The Century of Jacob"

32. Operator of the documentary film/series/project: Vitaly Panasiuk, "Children of Victory"

33. Production designer of the film/series: Serhiy Brzestovsky, "The Century of Jacob"

34. Costume designer/stylist: Olga Slon, Dancing with the Stars

35. TV movie/mini-series (up to 4 episodes): "The Century of Jacob"

36. Television series (17 episodes and more): "Servant of the people. From love to impeachment"

37. Docudrama, scripted reality: "Children of Victory"

38. The Ukrainian format is the series: "Servant of the people. From love to impeachment", Kvartal 95 studio

39. Host/presenter of the entertainment format show: Yuriy Gorbunov, "Dancing with the Stars"

40. Producer/production group of television film, series, dokudramy, scripted reality: Volodymyr Zelenskyi, Boris Shefir, Andriy Yakovlev, Serhiy Shefir, Oleksiy Kiryushchenko, "Servant of the people. From love to impeachment"

41. Producer/production team of the TV program: Oleksandr Tkachenko, Olga Slisarenko, Viktoriya Lezina, Volodymyr Zavadyuk, Maryna Hrytsuliak, "Dancing with the Stars"

42. Entertainment format show: "Dancing with the Stars"

43. Best Comedy Program/Show: "Evening Quarter"

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