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The 1+1 media group sums up the results of 2020

According to the results of the period January-December 2020, the channels of the media holding remained the leaders in terms of commercial audience. The 1+1 media group itself, thanks to the quick reaction to all the force majeure events of 2020 and the clear implementation of the TV channel development strategy, proved to be the most resistant to changes.

The flagship channel of the media group – 1+1 – demonstrated leadership achievements based on the results of the year:

• TOP-3 TV channels of Ukraine with a share of 9.1%;

• the absolute favorite of Ukrainians' weekday mornings: the share of the morning show "Breakfast with 1+1" was 10.8%;

• the sure winner of the evening prime time on weekends with a share of 11.0%.

Quarantine restrictions of 2020 made certain adjustments to the filming process and live broadcasts in particular. However, taking into account all the requirements of the new reality, the 1+1 TV channel celebrated its 25th anniversary, updated its design and successfully launched three Big Shows at once. Ukraine's favorite vocal show "Voice of the Country" had a successful start, the first episode of which collected a share of 16.6%, and the average share for the season was 16.4%. The best dance show of the fall, "Dancing with the Stars", kept the audience in suspense all season, collecting a share of 17.2%, and the first episode was the best launch of the year in the TOP 6 with a share of 19.3%. The most mysterious show of the year "Masquerade" became the loudest premiere of the fall: the first episode passed with a share of 17.3%. In the Saturday evening prime time, the project received an average share for the season of 15.0%.

During the year, TSN news broadcasts received increased attention from viewers: the average share of broadcasts on weekdays was 12.5%, and "TSN Tyzhden" with Alla Mazur received an average share of 12.4%. Also, with particular interest, Ukrainians watched the travel show "The Upside Down World" with Dmytro Komarov (15.6% share; the episode of April 22, 2020 demonstrated the best result among travel shows on the market for the entire year and broke its own two-year record: it was viewed more than 3 million viewers!) and "Big episodes with Anton Ptushkin" (the first episode in the spring of 2020 collected a share of 12.4%, the average share of the season was 10.2%).

In addition, 1+1 became the leader of the serial slot in autumn 2020 (Monday-Thursday, 20:45-22:45) with a share of 10.1% and, according to the results of the autumn season, confidently held its position in the TOP-2 national TV channels.


The TV channel 2+2 made a huge contribution to the development of domestic serial production in 2020. The broadcaster managed to film and show the largest number of detective series over the years. The audience saw six premieres of the drama series "Carpathian Ranger", "Retribution", "Ringer-2", "Blood Brothers-2", "Bulatov" and "Angels". "Carpathian Ranger" became the first Ukrainian-language action detective that won the competition of the Ministry of Culture and received state funding. Another achievement of the past year can be considered attracting investments from media services in the production of the series "Angels", which became one of the most successful at 2+2 in 2020.

Thanks to four strong premieres of detective series in the fall, the fall 2020 television season became the best in the entire history of the 2+2 TV channel: the share of viewing of the 2+2 channel during the period of the premiere series in the financial day was 4.1%. The best serials of the autumn were the premieres of the detective series "Ringer-2" with an average share of television viewing of 6.0% and "Angels" with a share of 5.7%.


The strategy of another TV channel of the media group - TET - demonstrated its results in 2020. The III quarter (July-September) became the most successful in the last 5 years: the share during this period amounted to 3.4% per financial day. During the first week of the 2020 premiere season (August 17-23), the share of the channel grew to 4%. The channel demonstrated special success in the first weekend after the start of the premiere season, when the share of the channel increased to 4.5%* (74% growth) and became an absolute record among weekends on TET. In general, the average annual share of the channel for 2020 increased compared to the previous year and amounted to 3.2%.

The most popular products of the channel in 2020 were: in the line of sitcoms - "Once Upon a Time in Poltava" (average share of 5%), among series - TET's own development "Prybulets" (average share of 3.4%); among the reality shows - "Goddess of Shopping", the premiere of which collected an average share of 4.1% according to the commercial audience. This is the most successful indicator among reality shows on TET in recent times, the share of the channel during the financial day during the premiere period was 3.6%. In December 2020, TET took an absolute record with a share of 3.4% per trading day among all December months (+10% to the previous record in 2016).

Niche channels

Children's television channel PLUSPLUS remained a favorite not only of the absolute majority of Ukrainian children, but also of their parents: according to the results of 2020, PLUSPLUS confidently holds the position of the best children's channel and undisputed leadership. The channel is among the TOP-10 TV channels in terms of audience 18-54 (cities of 50,000+) with children aged 4-13 and 16 times throughout the year it rose to the 9th position in terms of commercial audience. Also, the channel is the absolute leader in terms of audience 4-14 (cities of 50,000+) with a share of 11.57%. In the January-December 2020 period, the channel's share of the commercial audience exceeded 2.0% 17 times, and on January 17, 2020, measurements set a record: an average daily viewing share of 2.50%.

The UNIAN TV channel confidently holds its position in the TOP-3 information channels of Ukraine: the average share for 2020 was 0.51% for the audience 18-54 (all of Ukraine). On peak days, the TV channel's share of the commercial audience reached 0.5%.

Bigudi TV channel ended the year with an average share of 0.58% in the audience of Women 45+ (cities 50,000+). On peak days, the channel's share of the commercial audience reached 0.8%.

Paramount Comedy , which grew 65% year-over-year in 2019, was able to seal the win in 2020, ending the year with an average share of 0.27%. In August 2020, the channel collected a record share for three years of operation: 0.38% of the commercial audience, also in this month, the channel set an absolute record for the entire period in the evening prime (19:00-23:00) - a share of 0.37 %. Paramount Comedy was most actively watched on August 21, 2020: the share of the channel on this day was 1.10% for the financial day. In general, the average daily viewing time of the channel for the period of 2020 increased to 38 minutes (+14% to 2019).

"2020 was a difficult year both for us and for the entire Ukrainian television business. However, 1+1 media managed to complete it with the least losses among other media groups. This year has taught us to work under the most extreme conditions and create truly impressive and inspiring content. And with this experience and an updated strategy, we started the year 2021, where viewers of our TV channels can expect even more diverse and high-quality content, " says Maksym Kryvytskyi, head of the "Television Business" department, member of the board of 1+1 media.

*The data are given for the financial day 6:00-26:00.

*Shares are indicated by audience 18-54 (cities of 50,000+), other audiences are marked separately in the text.

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