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The 1+1 media group continues a series of events and initiatives dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence

The 1+1 media group continues to unveil behind-the-scenes projects dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence. So, on the occasion of the holiday, TV channel 1+1 started an all-Ukrainian digital flash mob under the hashtags #ЛюблюУкраїнська #ЛюблюУкраїну. Its goal is to show the multifacetedness and beauty of the native language, to motivate people across the country to share impressive stories about the Motherland and inspire others to do so - with the help of popular songs, poems, favorite quotes from Ukrainian movie characters, catchphrases, etc. The organizers say that the brightest photos and videos will be published on the pages of 1+1 social networks, which have 1.8 million followers on Instagram and almost 800,000 on Facebook.

In order to join the patriotic movement, you need to use the hashtags #ЛюблюУкраїнська #ЛюблюУкраїну in the publications of the mentioned social networks.

In addition, on the channels of the 1+1 media group, the social advertisement "Watch in Ukrainian" was launched, where cult domestic stars in thematic videos share their thoughts on why it is important to "speak, love, listen and watch" in Ukrainian. Videos are available at these links : Picture 1 , Picture 2 , Picture 3 .

The group also emphasizes that this is only the beginning of the campaign dedicated to the anniversary of Independence.

"1+1 media is a company that, from the beginning of its existence, took a course on the Ukrainian language and has followed it to this day. We were the first to duplicate the legends of world cinema, and we did it by instilling the fashion for everything domestic. We created and are creating Ukrainian projects that are proud of all over the world. Currently, it is the 1+1 TV channel that holds the record among all other Ukrainian channels in terms of the number of its own live content, where all presenters speak exclusively Ukrainian. And we are not going to stop and will consolidate the role of trendsetters of the Ukrainian and, very importantly, the Ukrainian-language TV market ," comments Maksym Kryvytskyi , general producer of the 1+1 TV channel, head of the television business and member of the board of 1+1 media.

We will remind you about other special projects dedicated to the anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine:

·         On July 31, TSN will start a big tour of the country , which will be dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence. Every day at 7:30 p.m., TSN will broadcast live broadcasts of news from most regions of Ukraine. The TSN team will cover the entire country and show viewers special stories about Ukrainian cities on the eve of the holiday. The finale of the all-Ukrainian tour will be a special special edition on August 24, on the Independence Day of Ukraine. TSN will create it in collaboration with Big Entertainment Shows, creators of the shows "Voice of the Country", "Dancing with the Stars", "Lipsync Battle". The mobile studio of TSN will be located in the open air in the heart of Kyiv, the hosts of the live broadcast will be Alla Mazur, Natalya Moseichuk and Lidia Taran. Spectators will be able to see bright performances with famous Ukrainians who have become symbols of the era. The idea of the special project is to show the path of Ukraine, its transformation, spanning 30 years.

·         "30 steps forward": TSN.Tizhden launched a special project about the path of independent Ukraine. From January 31 to August 24, every Sunday at 7:30 p.m., 1+1 TV channel will air stories dedicated to one year of independent Ukraine — events and people who changed our country and the world. The team defined the mission of the special project to show the audience the significance and value of each year of Ukraine's independence, to remind them of each "lesson" and to inspire new achievements and victories of future generations.

·         The 1+1 media group joined the nationwide information campaign for Independence Day. So, on June 23, a themed flower symbolizing the anniversary of Independence appeared on the holding's television channels. TV channels will also broadcast the video "30 years of Independence. You are my only one." In addition, the campaign will be implemented on other information platforms of 1+1 media — leader sites among news resources, UNIAN and Glavred, social networks of the holding, which have a total of more than 10 million users, in television projects and corporate events.

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