NewsNews4 July 2019

Group 1+1 media regarding the organized show of protesters under the company's office

Today, July 4, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., the end of the working day of 1+1 media employees was supplemented by an entertainment program for "demonstrators" who are supporters of Anatoly Shary, a Ukrainophobic blogger known for his anti-Ukrainian propaganda materials, distribution of anti-Ukrainian fakes, and promotion of pro-Russian ideology , supporting the Kremlin regime and pro-Russian terrorists . In particular, from 5:30 p.m., the followers of Anatoliy Sharia with pre-purchased red balloons and painted posters came to the head office of the media holding in an organized manner. As befits performances, the course of the rally was organized with the participation of various roles. According to their pre-planned plot, the actors were divided into two groups: group 1 - rally supporters of Anatoliy Sharia, and group 2 - pseudo "aunties" paid for by them, who were allegedly recruited by order of our media group to deal with group 1. The last of their actions never showed.

We are convinced that people of common sense will understand that we have nothing to do with either of the two groups above this "theatre of the absurd".

The very planning of the action, which took place today under the office of the group, including the search for "aunties", began the day before in the telegram channel "Kyiv #ЯШАРЮ". In particular, on July 3, in a publication authored by Sharyy Admin, readers were urged to buy red balloons and organize any poster. The text of the message read: "Big request: buy red balls." You can buy a ball on a stick. It is cheaper. Anyone who wants to can organize a poster." On the day of the rally, the participants actively discussed the course of preparation and each individual step in the Telegram chat "Kiev #YASHARYU (chat)" .

As a Ukrainian media holding that is guided by the principles of openness, respect, transparency and common sense, we understand that the low level of respect and support of the Ukrainian citizen for Mr. Sharyi, together with his accomplices, is the result exclusively of a number of his actions and statements. And also a specific reputation, which was formed after Anatoly publicly criticized Ukraine's reluctance to get closer to Russia. We are sure that the action is political in nature and aimed at discrediting the channel in the pre-election period.

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