NewsNews24 October 2018

Personnel news in 1+1 media

During the leadership of Victoria, it was possible to launch its own serial production, establish innovation in the production of reality and scripted reality, as well as large entertainment shows such as "The Voice of the Country", "Dancing with the Stars", "The Voice. Children", "Little Giants". An important achievement was the restructuring of the production and creative associations of the media group into a single unit - "1+1 Production".

"This is a powerful story of synergy and success. And I am grateful to Victoria for 15 rich years in the media group, which resulted in a number of successful projects and the creation of the "1+1 Production" brand. I am sure that the experience that Victoria gained in the media group and the challenges that she successfully overcame will be useful in her plans to go beyond the Ukrainian market," commented the general director of the 1+1 media group, Oleksandr Tkachenko , on Victoria Baranova's decision.

"I thank the media group and Oleksandr Tkachenko for their trust, interesting, diverse experience and a powerful managerial task - to build a systematic work of inhouse production as a separate structure within the framework of 1+1 media and to form a star team that creates the most rated shows in Ukraine. I am grateful to the "1+1 Production" team for their endless enthusiasm, faith in us and constant development. I also want to thank the Higher School of Media & Production for the same courage to grow, jointly creating an industrial ecosystem. In the 1+1 media group, I had the opportunity to realize myself as a professional and always felt supported. Now, my family needs my support and attention, first of all, so I am changing the geography of my residence. And for the near future, I am considering the possibility of implementing my projects outside of Ukraine," Viktoriya Baranova said.

The search for the position of general producer is ongoing. At the same time, in order to improve operational efficiency, 1+1 media is changing the structure of "1+1 Production", creating three independent departments that will include existing genre directions. Namely: the Department of Production of Great Entertainment Shows headed by Volodymyr Zavadyuk; The fiction project production department, which will be headed by Khrystyna Shkabar, will combine serial production (comedy and drama) and promising development of fiction projects; The non-fiction project production department under the leadership of Akim Galimov will combine the genres of journalism and entertainment projects and will be engaged in the production of reality shows, scripted shows, journalistic and image projects. The technical support and post-production department headed by Olga Mykhalchenko will report directly to the general producer of 1+1 Production.

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