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The PLUSPLUS channel summarizes the results for 5 years

PLUSPLUS is the only animation channel in Ukraine, which has been steadily increasing its viewership for five years in a row. The average daily viewing time of the target audience of the channel "Viewers 8-40 years old, all over Ukraine" increased from 12 minutes in 2012 to 1 hour 14 minutes in 2017. Among viewers aged 4-14, the statistics are even more impressive - the average daily viewing of the TV channel by children increased from 27 minutes (in 2012) to 2 hours (in 2017), which is the best result among all Ukrainian TV channels.

For the past four years, PLUSPLUS has remained the undisputed leader in viewing among children aged 4-14. In 2017, the channel's share of the audience "4-14 years old, all of Ukraine" reached 16.3%, which is not only the best result among all Ukrainian TV channels, but also demonstrates a significant gap from its competitors - the channel ranks 2nd in TOP TV channels of Ukraine, has a share of 10%.

"The best work in the PLUSPLUS team. In five years, we managed to assemble a truly super-professional team - and this is our greatest pride. Of course, we are not going to stop there. And on the first of September we will present a new project to the audience. We hope it will be interesting, fun, educational and somewhat unexpected," comments Ivanna Naida, general producer of the PLUSPLUS channel.

To date, the channel has created three unique products of its own production with several seasons: "This is ours and this is yours", "A fairy tale with dad" and "Useful tips".

PLUSPLUS has created its own animated brand characters that have names, stories, blogs and live in their own magical world. Quadrik, Trikutya and Kruzhko are well known among the audience and are also present outside the screen.

The TV channel implemented a number of licensing projects with its own characters, including: 3D book "My first book about Ukraine", large coloring book "Adventures in the world PLUS", a series of books from the "Nighttime Tale" project, stickers for Easter eggs with images of heroes, m some pillow toys with PLUS PLUS characters, notebooks with PLUS PLUS characters and a wooden constructor "PLUS PLUS ROUTE OF THE WORLD PLUS PLUS".

Pride PLUSPLUS - the project "This is ours and this is yours". This is a series of cartoons that, in a simple form, tell young viewers about the exciting things in Ukraine: unique facts, inventions, incredible natural resources, etc. With the approval of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, cartoons are recommended for viewing in primary classes on the Day of Knowledge, September 1. In 2015-2016, schools held lessons on the topic "What can a Ukrainian be proud of?" using "This is ours and this is yours" materials. This started a large joint project of PLUSPLUS and MES.

As a result of the project, an exhibition of children's drawings was held in the Kyiv Art Arsenal, which became a national record holder and was entered into the National Register of Records. The exhibition included more than 5,000 children's works: drawings, applications, embroideries. In addition, 25 episodes of the new season of the cartoon "This is ours and this is yours" were created based on children's stories.

In 2015, PLUSPLUS became the winner of the national TV award "Teletriumph" in the category "Program for children" for the program "Fairytale with Dad". In the same year, the channel received the prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine named after Lesya Ukrainka for the cartoon series for the project "This is ours and this is yours". In the fall, the TV channel ID PLUSPLUS became "The Best Of" at the Ukrainian Design competition in the TV/Promo&Film Motion Graphics category.

In 2016, the TV channel received the Teletriumph award for the second time in the nomination "Best program for children" for the project "This is ours and this is yours. Through the eyes of children."

In addition, the project of the TV channel "This is ours and this is yours". Through the eyes of children" won silver at the prestigious Effie Awards Ukraine 2016 marketing award.

The PLUSPLUS team has already started preparations for the start of the autumn season. New achievements and pleasant surprises for young viewers are ahead.

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