NewsNews1 September 2017

The Commercial Department performed the "Relay of Good"

For 5 months, the social challenge - "Relay of Good" has been moving through the corridors of 1+1 media. Already 7 corporate teams have implemented useful initiatives for completely different target groups.

The time has come for the Corporate Department, colleagues from which this week, in addition to work issues, were also busy with other matters. They ensured the purchase of 50 kg of animal feed, 500 doses of an antiparasitic agent, 20 tons of sand, as well as physical work on the territory of the Sirius animal shelter.

Yesterday, 29 volunteers visited the shelter, which houses 2,500 animals. They helped to clean the territory, organized the delivery of water to the aviaries and provided planned dog walking.

According to the rules of the project, the baton should move further along the corridors of our company. Therefore, the Commercial Department passes a magic wand of kindness to colleagues from Breakfasts with 1+1 (pull).

We will share the results with you soon :)


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