NewsNews31 October 2017

Lana Konar - Marketing brand manager, Producer of video advertisements.


Some time ago, I gained the courage to put my interests above those of others. In response to my "impudent" request to raise my salary to the market level, I was told: "No one will give you that much!".

Three months have passed since that unpleasant conversation, and I started to earn in two weeks the amount that I asked for in a month!

Courage is something that is given to us by nature or is a positive consequence of our efforts, but you MUST HAVE COURAGE to make actions that seem right to you, to choose the path that is close and necessary to you, to follow YOUR moral and life principles! You must have the courage to take responsibility for your life!

You must have the courage to "get it right"! After a short period of time, you will understand that the lie, which seemed to you and others at the time of its origin to be so terrible and terrible, has become for you another step towards your goal! It was your courage to build another step up!

That's the only way you can become happy, engage in things that will bring you pleasure and benefit others! This is the only way you can become successful and necessary to this world.

I am asking for courage, do NOT get confused in any case! with impudence! These are completely two different poles! Courage has honesty, but insolence lacks it. Courage knows how to adequately assess one's capabilities and understands what one needs to grow and learn, while insolence the mind is clouded by one's own importance.

The road to courage and understanding of one's destiny is different for everyone. Someone already has his entire career path written out at the age of 7, someone at 15 defines himself with a dream and remains faithful to it throughout his life, and someone at 30 only begins to understand that life seems to be passing by.

No matter how much you like it, if the thought of self-realization in the movies or on television is persistently pulsating in your brain, and you are wondering where to start and how to get into this distant, closed and fantastic world - start from the beginning! Gather courage and patience to read what is happening in this area in general, how it lives, go to meetings and master classes of recognized professionals in this area, and start training at one of the schools at the country's leading TV channel. Why is the school at the TV channel, and not the university? Because in our realities, only here you can get practical knowledge and experience, corresponding to the current level of development of this field and necessary for successful self-realization in television.

You have to decide which school to go to, but my advice is to go to the one whose TV channel shows and films are closest to you, that is, you like them the most. If you want to better understand the current level of professionalism of the teachers of your course, without having experience in this field and not understanding how to determine this level, then you can easily find information about them in social networks and thematic publications: starting from their personal pages, mentioned about them by other people and ending with their interviews or articles about them. All this will help you form an image of the school and give at least an approximate understanding of what you can learn from these people.

Personally, the deciding factor for me to go to the "Higher School of Media and Production" was the fact that Viktoria Lezina was the curator of the producer course. I evaluated the professionalism of my future teachers and the level of knowledge that I will receive precisely by the general producer of Production 1+1. And since I consider her the best television producer in our country today, I understood that my team of teachers and mentors would be the best!

I would also like to draw your attention to an important point: "Higher School of Media and Production" gives not just knowledge, but a real opportunity to start working and developing in television. If you have a huge desire to immediately start your television career, then after a month of study you can already train on production projects and take part in filming. And then everything depends on you! But everyone gets a chance! And here it is important to have the courage to use them! Graduates of the School are also appreciated for all other productions. Colleagues in the market understand that if a graduate has a diploma, it means that he really deserved it and it is definitely worth paying attention to him.

I will note that according to the rules of the School, only the best receive diplomas. Students who did not take their studies seriously receive certificates. To be a producer is not just to be stylish, fashionable and creative, it is also to be responsible, hardworking, resourceful, have strategic thinking and know how to be a strong manager-manager! And, of course, first of all, be brave! Only one who has the courage to take responsibility can become a successful Producer!

They won't tell you about these qualities directly, but they will show you them by their own example! If your destination is a Producer, you will easily be able to see them and read these qualities between the time of the speakers, their presentations and in the process of their assistance with the development of your projects! Real professionals say little and show everything in action!

I came to the School because it was time for me to decide: "What exactly do I want to study"? I have been involved in marketing and branding for about six years, but for the past two years I have been very interested in video production at the same time, and the moment came when I had to make a choice. When I wrote the introductory essay, I decided for myself - if I pass, I will continue to be at least partially engaged in production, if I do not pass, I will simply close this direction for myself. Well, I did! It was too late to retreat, I made a promise to myself! And I'm very glad that I did it! In addition to many useful knowledge and experience in the production process itself, I received a lot of other general development knowledge - from the correctness of building business processes to practical engagements in public performances! And most importantly, I got the answer I was looking for! After a month and a half of studying, I clearly understood what I would do next. My wings grew, inspiration appeared and a smile appeared on my face!

Yes, I received a Diploma and do not work on television, but I am happy to work with video advertising, which I combine with marketing and branding. I managed to combine important directions for me, and I am happy! I found new opportunities for myself! I found places where these opportunities can be realized! For me, the "Higher School of Media and Production" became the prologue of my new book "I have the courage to be successful"!

I wish all the students of the Media and Production Higher School to be successful and happy! You can definitely do it, because if you are already students of the School, then you are definitely brave!

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