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Open Address of Ukrainian Media to Global Mass Media and Broadcasting Associations

On February 24 Russia declared war on Ukraine and started a full-scale invasion. All over Ukraine, devastating attacks in which women and children die take place. Russian tanks have no mercy for anyone, they shoot at residential areas, their armored vehicles attack civil facilities, schools, kindergartens and maternity hospitals. The artillery shellings have already killed hundreds of civilians, hundreds of thousands have to hide in basements and shelters, while millions are leaving their homes and fleeing abroad. The number of refugees may become critical, which in its turn will lead to economic, social and political problems in Europe and the world. Bombings with aircraft and missiles by the Russian Federation are disrupting TV towers in Ukrainian cities to stop Ukrainian telecasting.

Now the aggressor is threatening global security. The Russian army has captured the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, again putting the whole of Europe under threat. Yesterday Russian troops shelled ZNPP, the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe. Currently in Ukraine there are four active nuclear power plants, fifteen reactors in total, which are too under threat of explosion.

Shelling of a nuclear power plant is a vandal attitude to humankind in general and every earthling in particular. It is time for the Western democratic community to wake up and realize that humankind is on the brink of destruction. The world must understand that there is no local nuclear disaster in a separate nation. Everything around will die!

Understanding the danger of the situation caused by the war in Ukraine, especially from the point of view of nuclear security, we are asking to be heard by the global mass media. We are urging you to increase your informational influence on politicians to close the sky over Ukraine. Your immediate actions can save the world.

Hanna Bezliudna, Head of Inter Media Group

Oleksandr Bohutsky, CEO of Starlight Media, Head of News Division

Yevheniy Bondarenko, Director of Media Group Ukraine

Yaroslav Pakholchuk, CEO of 1+1 Media

Olha Herasymiuk, Head of National Television and Radio broadcasting Council of Ukraine

Oleksandr Tkachenko, Minister of Culture and Information Policy

Mykola Chernotytsky, Chairman of Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine, JSC

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We would like to share our daily news digest with you, which includes the most current events of the war. You can use the videos in any format you need as this letter provides permission to do so.

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