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Results of the charity marathon "You are not alone": more than thirty medical institutions received help

The charity marathon " You are not alone " continued on the " 1+1 " channel for a week, from May 3 to May 8 inclusive. It started with an online concert with the participation of Ukrainian show business stars who sang from their homes for the audience. Lidia Taran, Marichka Padalko, Yura Gorbunov and Katya Osadcha, Dmytro Komarov and the presenters of "Breakfast with 1+1" conducted the marathon. The final amount of collected funds was 2,011,210 hryvnias.   Among them, the total amount of the contribution from the 1+1 TV channel and partners is 1,246,143 hryvnias; funds collected from SMS messages of Kyivstar, Vodafone and Lifecell subscribers   UAH 622,360; Ukrainian Charity Exchange platform — UAH 142,707.

The organizers started the process of purchasing protective equipment for Ukrainian doctors immediately after the end of the marathon - they purchased 3,400 protective suits, each of which has a corresponding European certificate. The rest of the proceeds were used to purchase special medical gloves with high cuffs - 16 thousand pairs, FFP 2 medical masks - 10,000 pieces, reusable medical protective overalls - 450 pieces. This is what is most needed and requested by doctors. All products are of high quality and have European certificates.

Ukrainian Charity Exchange, together with the public platform Together UA and BO International Social Justice Fund   organized the purchase and transfer of personal protective equipment for medical workers in the main hospitals of our country, which currently need help. According to the results of the marathon, more than thirty medical institutions of Ukraine received help, including:

Kremenchuk Central District Hospital; Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Cardiodispensary;

Central City Hospital of the Rivne City Council;

Sarnenska Central District Hospital;

Regional Oncology Center (Kharkov);

Khmelnytskyi City Children's Hospital of the Khmelnytskyi City Council;

"Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 4";

"City Hospital No. 3" (Mykolaiv);

"Kyiv Regional Children's Hospital" (Boyarka);

Kirovohrad Regional Hospital;

Transcarpathian Regional Clinical Hospital named after A. Novak;

Lviv Children's Infectious Disease Hospital;

Cherkasy Regional Hospital;

Ternopil City Children's Communal Hospital;

Volyn regional hospital;

Prylutsk Central District Hospital;

Volyn Regional Clinical Hospital;

Kremenchutsk 3rd City Hospital (Kremenchutsk Intensive Treatment Hospital);

City Clinical Hospital No. 1 (Ivano-Frankivsk);

Kyiv Regional Children's Hospital;

Kirovohrad Regional Hospital;

Khotyn District Hospital (Chernivetska Region);

Regional clinical phthisiopulmonary treatment and diagnostic center (Transcarpathian region);

Smilian city hospital (Cherka region);

Kyiv Regional Children's Hospital No. 2 ;

Ovruch city hospital (Zhytomyr region);

Mykolayiv City Hospital No. 1;

Zaporizhzhia Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital;

Kulikivsk ambulance station;

Khmelnytskyi City Children's Hospital;

Sarna Central District Hospital (Rivnenka region);

Physiopulmonology Medical Center (Kherson);

Regional Oncology Center (Kyiv);

Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Clinical Cardiology Center ;

Center of emergency medical care and disaster medicine of Ternopil;

Central City Clinical Hospital (Uzhhorod);

Central City Hospital (Rivne);

Chernihiv City Hospital No. 1.

More than 600 volunteers across the country are involved in the charity, including the host of the morning show "Breakfast with 1+1" Ruslan Senichkin. Together with volunteers, he helped to load and deliver the first batch of protective suits to Kyiv Clinical Hospital No. 4, which receives the most patients diagnosed with C O VID -19 in the capital. Video: h ttps://

Despite the fact that the goal of the charity marathon of collected funds of 2 million hryvnias has been achieved, the organizers decided to continue the charity collection due to numerous requests from caring people. Therefore, there is an opportunity to collect even more funds to support our doctors. On the website of the Ukrainian Charity Exchange at the link , everyone can make a charitable contribution of any amount and protect doctors.

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