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"Divided": TSN will show a special project about the path of countries whose territories were captured

The project will show the experience of Germany, which survived the division by the Berlin Wall. What trials did people go through when they found themselves on different sides of the wall in one country, how did they risk their lives to see relatives from the other part, and did the wall "fall" over time in their minds. Do they feel like a single nation now, or do they still live in different countries despite the lack of physical walls?

In Colombia, the journalist managed to interview former President Juan Santos, who made peace with the largest rebel group fighting the government since 1964. For this he received the Nobel Peace Prize. But did it bring the desired peace to the country? The TSN team visited the so-called rehabilitation camp of the rebels, who were actually left to live in the jungle, and filmed footage there that had never been shown on Ukrainian television. Whether the socialization of the residents of this camp is possible, and whether it is realistic to "return from the war" - see in the special project "Divided".

Viewers will see the history and consequences of the conflict between Turks and Greeks in Cyprus. Especially for TSN, residents of these territories shared stories about how at one point they lost their families and homes due to the military conflict. The plot will show a man who managed to condemn the remaining property in the occupied territory, creating the only such precedent in the world. Thanks to TSN, the man will be able to enter his native home for the first time in many years.

Using Ireland's experience as an example, TSN will demonstrate whether there is a price for compromise and whether a peaceful resolution of the conflict between people who recently considered each other bitter enemies is possible.  

Using Transnistria as an example, the project actualizes the importance of national unity in any country. TSN will show an interview with the former president of Moldova, Mirce Snegur, who participated in the events. In the plot, viewers will see the story of a man who initially fought on the side of the self-proclaimed republic. How his political beliefs affected his life, what he had to sacrifice and what changed his attitude to the situation now - soon on 1+1.

According to Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the NSDC, this project is extremely relevant and raises important issues   political and social issues in Ukraine and the world.

"It's just a colossal job.   In each of the stories you can find certain analogies, maybe even hints,   what decisions should and should not be made by any country on its way. And the situation that is happening in our country can happen at any moment in neighboring countries. This can happen according to the scenario of Transnistria, Crimea or the way it happened in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Therefore, citizens should understand the realities and be aware of options for the country's future development," -   stressed Oleksiy Danilov.

During the preparation of "Separated", the TSN team consulted with ministries, embassies, experts, historians, philosophers of the countries mentioned in the special project. The project was created with the participation of experts from the "Berlin Wall" memorial complex, the Berlin Wall Museum "Checkpoint Charlie", and the Institute of Memory in Colombia.

TSN continues its informational and educational mission and, adhering to high standards, provides viewers with high-quality informational content .

Watch the special project "Separated" from July 26 to 30 in the evening edition of TSN at 7:30 p.m. on 1+1.

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