NewsNews27 June 2019

The series of construction books published by Ranok and PLUSPLUS won the Book of the Future competition

The series of construction books "My creative encyclopedia" of TV channel PLUSPLUS and publishing house "Ranok" won in the "Paper + Technologies" nomination of the "Book of the Future" competition, which was held as part of the Second International Book Festival "Book Space" on June 21-23.

Publications that are innovative in form or content, have an innovative presentation of content, use multimedia or are interactive took part in the "Book of the Future" competition.

We will remind you that the series of construction books "My creative encyclopedia" was created on the basis of cartoons "The world is waiting for discovery" produced by the PLUSPLUS channel. Books for children combine encyclopedic content, own 3D designer and game in augmented reality. The encyclopedias, which have a series with the titles: "I want to know everything", "I am an inventor", "I study what and how", "I want to be able to do everything", are designed for children aged 6 and over and designed to stimulate the growth of cognitive activities, obtaining initial knowledge about developments, techniques and technologies.

The main characters - Trikutya, Quadrik, Kruzhko, Shaman Krugoman, who are the characters of the cartoon of the same name "The world is waiting for discovery" - on the pages of the encyclopedia, interesting facts about various inventions are explained to readers   or how to read texts "upside down" or "in a mirror image", and help to complete tasks for better assimilation of knowledge.

A feature of the series is also a game in augmented reality, according to the plot of which the child will help the heroes of the PLUSPLUS world to find elements for the future aircraft.

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