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"1+1" TV channel presented the new season of "Voice of the Country"

Serhiy Babkin, Jamala, who is expecting her first child, Potap, and Tina Karol became the star trainers of the project, Yuriy Gorbunov and Katya Osadcha became the presenters.

As part of a high-profile social event, the "Voice of the Country-8" team talked about the changes in the new season, including new strict rules: a participant who could not turn a single trainer's chair will be forced to leave the stage without communicating with the star trainers. Also, one of the innovations of the season was a special elevator, on which the vocalists will go up to the stage. In addition, a record number of star participants will take part in "Voice of the Country-8": singer Zlata Ognievich, Olympic champion Iryna Merleni, participant of "Dancing with the Stars" and Ukrainian artist Kamaliya, singer Iryna Fedyshyn, participant of "Dancing with the Stars" and actor Yuriy Weaver and ex-Boris April Zianja.

Also, creative producer of "Voice of the Country" Volodymyr Zavadyuk revealed some details from behind the scenes of the project:

"In addition to changing the rules and a large number of talented vocalists and star participants, the viewers of the TV channel "1+1" can expect an incredible rivalry among coaches: for the sake of victory, three of them will even create a coalition against another. I will also reveal a secret: we, the film crew, found out about Jamala's pregnancy only on the third day of the "blind auditions," the producer admitted.

According to Volodymyr, another innovation of the season will be the appearance of the backstage presenter Artem Gagarin. During the airing of the programs, Artem will show the most interesting behind-the-scenes moments for users of social networks, exclusive interviews with the participants, as well as the project team.

It is interesting that the guests of the loud "Voice of the Country" party had the opportunity to be the first to hear the participants of the new season, Vladyslav Mpanga, Valentin Bilenko, Marianna Lagetko, Mykhailo Sosunov, Olena Karas, who performed songs from the "blind auditions". But whether the talented vocalists will be able to turn around the red chairs of the star coaches, the guests and viewers of the TV channel "1+1" will find out already this Sunday. Also this evening, the stars of the past seasons, Vera Kekelia, Roma Duda and Constantine, performed on the stage and lit up the dance floor:

"Voice of the Country" is a special project for me. I frankly admit that it was "The Voice" that opened the door to the big stage for me, so I wish all the vocalists of the new season to bravely go this way to the end," said Constantine, a participant of "The Voice of the Country-6".

It should be noted that the star guests of the social party were the coach of "Voice of the Country-8" Serhiy Babkin and his wife Snizhana, the judge of "Dancing with the Stars" and the coach of "Golosu.Dity-4" MONATIK, the host of "Breakfast. Weekend" Valentina Hamaiko with her daughter, host of "2+2" Ihor Tsyganyk and Oleksandra Loboda, founder and head of the organizing committee of Ukrainian Fashion Week Iryna Danylevska, singer Anna Dobridnyeva, Olympic champion and participant of "Voice of the Country-8" Iryna Merleni, Ukrainian singer Tonya Matvienko , "Model XL" judge Andre Tan with his wife Alina, "Model XL" winner Maria Pavlyuk, Iryna Horova, singer Michelle Andrade, Ukrainian designers Zhan Gritzfeld and Ivan Frolov, actors Anna Koshmal, Yevhen Kaporin, actors of the TV series "School" Alexander Petrenko, Lisa Vasylenko, Olena Kurta, Mykyta Vakulyuk, blogger Diana Gloster, as well as participants of "Dancing with the Stars" Oleksandra Kucherenko, Stepan Misyurka, Dmytro Zhuk, Ilona Gvozdyova, Yevhen Kot, Vitaly Zahoruyko, Anna Palamarchuk.

The decoration of the evening was a bright photo booth from the decor studio "Lucky decor".

Watch the premiere of the eighth season of "Voice of the Country" on January 28 at 9:00 p.m. on the "1+1" TV channel.

For additional information, contact the press service of the "1+1" channel, +38 044 490 0101;;

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