NewsNews14 September 2016

Viktoria Skrypkina - junior specialist in intellectual property protection (trainee) - about her internship

Having received a legal education and a specialty in "Intellectual Property", the choice was obvious. And now I am a junior specialist in intellectual property protection in the video content distribution and rights management department. It may be a somewhat convoluted name, but our main task is the fight against pirate sites that host illegal video content of our media group and other TV producers. We are also constantly expanding our partner network based on the legal player.

For some reason, people know that stealing candy from a store is bad, but are sure that illegally watching or downloading an episode of your favorite TV series is okay. I hope that over time the legal awareness of citizens will change and Ukraine will finally be excluded from the "301 List" as a country that violates intellectual property rights.

And in general, about the advantages of an internship at "Plus":

1. You do not stand still, but develop every day, because you are always offered to attend various seminars and other interesting events;

2. Young and friendly team. Everyone communicates on an equal footing, no matter who you are: an intern or a manager;

3. If you ask for help or advice, you will always receive attention;

4. Your friends and acquaintances always ask if you meet famous people from television;

5. You gain experience and skills that will be incredibly valuable in the future.

The atmosphere at "1+1 Media" is incredibly inspiring and motivating. And everything is not as scary as it seems at first glance :)

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