NewsNews13 February 2017

Alina Zotko - Site editor (trainee) - about her internship

Happiness is only a moment, but 1+1 allows you to stretch the pleasure. Having received the long-awaited "YES" from the HR department, this happiness continues to this day.


I knew that working in one of the most successful media holdings is a challenge and a huge responsibility. But the dream will not fulfill itself. You have to take your fate into your own hands to be #closer_to_TV.

It is always opened to those who knock. I knocked. The path was not easy: from a video resume, through a test task, an interview and all the way to today. After all, the work on yourself, having received a place as an intern for 1+1, is just beginning.


I have never had such a concentration of practical skills and express training. Here I once again made sure that learning in the process of work is much more effective than accumulating a theoretical array that may never be needed. Analyzing your mistakes, you yourself look for professional literature to be better for your favorite channel. It's important to have the #courage_to_grow.

Interns-editors mainly work with the materials of "Breakfast", so unexpectedly for myself I became an expert in nutrition, cooking, medicine, fashion and celebrity life. It's nice to be part of a big organization and see the results of your work. The sense of euphoria is captivating when you realize that your article has been read by at least 3,000 Ukrainians. But at the same time, it is a big responsibility, because the smallest mistake will be noticed by an audience of thousands. In the early days, it happened that I noticed mistakes only when I got home. The next day, I rushed to the editorial office to go to the admin section and correct the shortcomings. You have to try, because this is a #work_that_everyone_sees.


The company's policy is aimed at ensuring that its employees always keep up with the times and are developed in many ways. Yes, lectures on media topics, online trainings to support corporate policy, language clubs are arranged, a digest of the latest company news is sent every week. Values 1+1 - not an empty sound. Justice, honesty, courage and environmentally friendly politics are important to me. It is nice to see like-minded people nearby who collect batteries and lids for recycling, sort garbage and have bicycle parking - all with the aim of ensuring sustainable development.

The 1+1 company did a noble thing - it gave everyone without exception, people without work experience or even professional education, the opportunity to realize their wildest dreams, learn from professionals and get their first #internship. Organizers have finally broken the cycle of work-experience-work. Thank you for believing. Finally I have something to wake up in the morning with a smile :)

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