NewsNews7 June 2019

On Journalist's Day, TSN and Telekrytika received honorary awards from NSJU

The head of the organization, Serhiy Tomilenko, presented the award to the teams on Journalist's Day.

"We introduced the "Shark Feather" distinction for the first time this year. This is a form of thanks to the collectives of those national media that produce professional and resonant content, and at the same time protect freedom of speech and the rights of journalists. TSN is one of the most powerful news teams in the country, and its constant attention to the topics of threats to freedom of speech or the fight against impunity for attacks on journalists deserves the recognition of colleagues," comments Serhiy Tomilenko, head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, member of the executive committee of the European Federation of Journalists.

Media resources "Radio Liberty", ZIK TV channel and "Ukrainian News" were also awarded.

We will remind, according to the indicators of television viewing, TSN is the most rated news on Ukrainian television. Last year, TSN received 7 Teletriumph honorary awards at once, and the special edition for Independence Day was included in the National Register of Records of Ukraine - for the first time in the history of the country, a news program was conducted by six presenters at the same time. Also, according to recent sociological surveys, 1+1 topped the rating of TV channels with the highest level of trust.

Telekritika is a niche online publication about the Ukrainian media sphere, focused mainly on the professional environment. This is one of the oldest Ukrainian sites: it was founded in 2001 and has undergone transformation and renovation of content submission several times. The mission and task of the publication is not only to monitor events and trends in the Ukrainian media sphere, but also to professionally evaluate television broadcasting and the rapidly developing film business, monitor state regulation of TV, journalistic standards and freedom of speech, digital space, the situation with piracy and copyright of creators TV and film content.

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