NewsNews22 January 2021

Statement of the 1+1 media group regarding the protection of author's content on the Internet

In response to the statement of the author of the Geek Journal YouTube channel regarding the bias of the 1+1 media Group in blocking Internet content, we inform you that 1+1 media advocates the protection of copyright and the fight against the illegal use of the media holding's content on all platforms. Regularly, with the help of its own development - the SUDUM copyright protection technology service - the group promptly detects and blocks pirated content on the Internet, including on YouTube video hosting. In the last two years alone, the SUDUM program has detected and blocked more than 270,000 videos, and more than 110,000 links to pirated content that violate copyrights have been removed from Google.

The use of the content of 1+1 media, like other media groups, by commentators or bloggers on the Internet, is allowed only with prior agreements with the rights holders. Any copying, broadcasting or distribution of content without such permission is illegal and constitutes piracy. The principle of fair use referred to by the author of the above channel cannot be applied to monetized channels, and in particular to blocked videos, because they contain advertising integration.

At the same time, 1+1 media has a positive experience of cooperation with popular bloggers and authors of other YouTube channels, when official agreements were established and permission was obtained to use the company's video content, without further coordination of materials by the holding company. In the case of Geek Journal, the company has not received any notices or requests to use its own content. Including after the first complaint, which was sent last fall.

In turn, the 1+1 media Group is open to a dialogue with the authors of the Geek Journal channel and invites the team to a meeting in order to get acquainted with the rules regarding the use of author's content on YouTube and to discuss the current situation.

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