NewsNews20 February 2024

Ukraine's first national festival of films made during the Russian-Ukrainian war, Cinema for Victory, is launched

With the support of the President of Ukraine, the Ukrainian National Film Festival "Cinema for Victory", a film festival of films made during the Russian-Ukrainian war, was launched on the tenth anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the second anniversary of the full-scale war.

The aim of the Cinema for Victory Film Festival in 2024 is to promote documentary films made during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

War documentaries are a testament to the active resistance of Ukrainians, the heroism of defenders and the unprecedented unification of Ukrainian society to confront the enemy.

This year's film festival programme will focus on films that document Russian war crimes and record testimonies about the war through the real stories of Ukrainians. The distribution of documentaries created during the war counteracts the propaganda of the Russian invaders in Ukraine and around the world, and serves as a powerful argument for the global audience in advocating for Ukraine.

The main objectives of the film festival are to maintain attention to the war in Ukraine, to document Russia's crimes against Ukrainians, and to reward documentary filmmakers who use cinema to prove the need for strong and lasting support for Ukraine by international partners.

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