NewsNews9 January 2020

1+1 media reports on the results of the fight against piracy in 2019

Continuing to implement the strategy of protecting television content and the rights of its producers and rights holders, during 2019 the 1+1 media group systematically opposed piracy. Thus, the holding's lawyers sent 62 claims to offenders, together with the employees of the Cyber Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine conducted 12 fixations of violations of intellectual property rights, submitted 9 statements regarding violations related to the activity of cardsharing services.

"For many years, 1+1 media has been actively fighting against the illegal consumption of content. The achievements of 2019 in this direction demonstrate positive dynamics in bringing to justice individuals, companies and streaming websites that broadcast the group's TV channels without paying for it and, in fact, engaged in illegal distribution of television content. I am sure that these figures will serve as a warning for those who in the future plan to choose an illegal method of using copyright holders' content," commented Yaroslav Pakholchuk, CEO of 1+1 media.

In addition, with the help of the lawyers of Smartsolutions Law Group, a partner of 1+1 media in the field of combating piracy, the group initiated the opening of 22 new criminal proceedings, within which in 2019 8 expert studies, 14 authorized searches were conducted, suspicions were announced against 6 persons and 4 indictments were sent for consideration in court based on the results of the pre-trial investigation. The total current number of criminal proceedings against violators, opened according to the group's statements, is already more than 50. During the year, as a result of the peaceful settlement of the 1+1 media dispute, 10 agreements were concluded with software service providers (violators).


"We are always ready for dialogue and peaceful settlement of any disputes before the opening of criminal proceedings. That is why we constantly monitor violations and conduct active claim activity. But if violators do not respond to our appeals, lawyers get to work. We are sure that bringing criminals to criminal responsibility is the most effective way to protect their rights, which, despite the long process, does not allow to avoid punishment. Currently, our civil lawsuits within the framework of criminal proceedings already reach millions of hryvnias. This year, the special focus of our attention will be "cardsharing". We also plan to initiate a number of changes to the legislation on simplifying the procedure for bringing criminals to justice and strengthening it for the violation of intellectual property rights," said Vyacheslav Mienko, director of GR of the 1+1 media group.

To protect the rights of content producers and owners, the 1+1 media group, together with other Ukrainian rights holders, joined the Clean Sky Initiative in 2013. Thanks to joint efforts, they develop the market of legal audiovisual content in the domestic media space and actively fight against sites and providers that use content protected by intellectual property rights without the permission of the rights holders.


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