NewsNews29 December 2017

1+1 media begins cooperation with Kyivstar and lifecell

The "1+1 Media" group announced cooperation with Kyivstar and lifecell, which provides access to the 1+1 video VOD platform in 3G networks of mobile operators without charging for traffic.

Unlimited access to the group's video library will be available from December 30, 2017 as part of the "Bezlim Video" packages for Kyivstar subscribers, as well as "Zhara" and "Absolute Freedom" for lifecell subscribers.

Today, 60% of visitors to 1+1 media sites are mobile device users. Therefore, the specialists of the 1+1 Digital department adapted the VOD platform for smartphones: the player automatically changes the video extension based on the Internet speed and adapts to the video stream.

So far, there is only a web version of 1+1 video. The archive of the VOD platform includes more than 14,000 hours of HD video. In addition to the video library, users of the service have access to live broadcasts, online streams and exclusive projects.

"We strive to be where our audience is. Today, the coverage of 1+1 media online sites in Unet exceeds 20%. People consume more and more content from mobile devices, so free access to the VOD service 1+1 video is a great opportunity for a large number of Ukrainians to watch their favorite movies and TV series from smartphones without worrying about the megabytes spent," says Anna Tkachenko, director of digital- direction 1+1 media.

Detailed information on access to 1+1 video content without charging for traffic in the 3G network will be provided on the Kyivstar and lifecell websites.

We will remind you that in September 2017, 1+1 media restarted the OVVA VOD service and combined the video content of 7 TV channels of the group on the Internet under the single brand of 1+1 video.

You can evaluate the possibilities of 3G Internet without traffic tariffs when watching videos online during the broadcast of the MONATIK concert on December 30 and the New Year's program of the "1+1" TV channel on the 1+1 video platform.

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