NewsNews18 March 2021

1+1 media school begins cooperation with universities within the course "Media Literacy"

The educational project 1+1 media school continues cooperation with educational institutions to spread knowledge about media literacy. In addition to the program for schoolchildren, the "Media Literacy" course is adapted for students. The Western Ukrainian National University (Ternopil) was one of the first HEIs to support this direction and join the program.

From March 18, as part of the "Media Literacy" course from 1+1 media school, training for students will begin. Western Ukrainian National University. During the two months of study, students will be able to master critical thinking skills when working with information from various mass media, learn the basics of proper communication and public speaking. The class will be held under the guidance of teachers and speakers of 1+1 media school . Yehor Gordeev, the host of "Breakfast with 1+1" and the producer of the new show "Your Day" will be the curator of the course and mentor for the students.

The course was developed by 1+1 media specialists and the 1+1 media school team. The training program includes the skills of competent processing of information and creation of high-quality content. Students will be able to improve their soft and hard skills and develop material for a video portfolio. Training will take place in a mixed format: online and offline. 80% of the course program consists of practical classes, which will alternate with theoretical blocks. After training, students will receive diplomas and personal video business cards.

"For us, the educational component of working with schoolchildren and students is extremely important, because media literacy is one of the main global trends, which demonstrates that public speaking, understanding the main media processes, working with the media, critical thinking and the ability to work with information are necessary skills and knowledge for a person of any profession in the 21st century," Yuriy Bilokur, head of 1+1 media school, comments on the launch of the course.


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