NewsNews28 March 2019

1+1 media and Remade presented a line of accessories from advertising banners

In the framework of cooperation with the team of the Remade workshop, which supports the philosophy of recycling and is engaged in the repeated production of goods, the 1+1 media group, which actively promotes responsible business conduct, created a line of stylish accessories from advertising banners of its own projects.

Backpacks, shopping bags and covers for tablets and/or slim laptops included in the line have a unique design and can be used in everyday life. To extend their useful life, they were additionally reinforced with rubber corners from recycled bicycle inner tubes. The ambassadors of the campaign became the hosts of the morning show "Breakfast with 1+1", Lyudmila Barbier and Ruslan Senichkin, who also adhere to the principles of responsible and environmentally friendly consumption.

Everyone who wants to join the project and become the owner of original accessories from recycled products can buy them from today in the online store of the Remade workshop.

"1+1 media has been a supporter and active promoter of a socially responsible lifestyle for many years. Compliance with the principles of corporate social responsibility for us is not just a modern trend, but a position that determines the attitude of our media group towards the country, employees and the environment. Constantly conducting various projects, we collected a considerable amount of promotional products, the reuse of which was no longer possible. Understanding that polyvinyl chloride banners are not disposed of in Ukraine, and their burning can harm the environment, we made a decision in favor of preserving the environment. This is how we came up with the idea to use banners in a non-classical way and, thanks to recycling, to transform them into stylish accessories. I believe that our decision will be useful to other Ukrainian companies, because every brand has a lot of banner products that no one remembers," comments Maryna Hrytsenko, head of the corporate social responsibility group at 1+1 media.

"We wanted to launch a line of products from reused banners for a long time, but we still didn't have the opportunity. Therefore, for us, this project is a great beginning of the development of a new direction. We sincerely hope that others will join the 1+1 media eco-initiative, because the number of unnecessary banners, which companies do not want to dispose of properly and which are simply thrown into landfills, unfortunately, is unpleasantly impressive. We believe that by implementing new ideas regarding upcycling and re-processing of other materials, we will make our contribution to the preservation of the environment," comments Anna Sigorska, co-founder of the company Remade .

Sewing accessories from advertising banners is the first experience of the Remade workshop, however, the team is ready to cooperate with other companies in order to process atypical recycled materials and attract new business to the eco-community.


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