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1+1 media launches a video blog about the work of media workers "People of Ideas in Quarantine"

On April 3, the 1+1 media group launched a video blog about how television works under quarantine conditions.

The video blog "Ideas in Quarantine" is a series of remote interviews with 1+1 media employees in a live format. The main goal of the project is to show the television behind-the-scenes and the work of media workers in the conditions of compliance with quarantine measures.

The heroes will tell how quarantine changed their lives, how they had to adjust processes, how the offices of 1+1 media are arranged and how interesting everyday life is in self-isolation. In addition, in the video they will share life hacks on how not to expose yourself to unnecessary danger, how to behave in crowded places and learn new useful habits. Also, they will conduct tours of offices and film sets.

The video blog will be published every Friday on the " Telekritika" portal, as well as on the Group's social networks . The heroes of the first issue of the vlog were: TSN correspondent Dmytro Furdak, "Breakfast with 1+1" journalist Iryna Guley, TET channel PR and Digital director Nadiya Sperchun and special news correspondent Nataliya Nagorna.

"In order to avoid contact with colleagues, our management divided TSN journalists into several groups mainly according to the geographical principle of Kyiv. And we now work every other day. Since there is no public transport at the moment, a driver will pick us up from home. However, sometimes I'm lucky, because my operator lives nearby and we often go to work in his private car, " said Dmytro Furdak, the correspondent of TSN, the first hero of the issue.

Natalya Nagorna shared a video of preparation for the broadcast of TSN, Iryna Guley told how the "breakfast people" are currently working, and Nadiya Sperchun, who had a birthday this week, showed how the quarantine mini-parties are held.

In addition, a series of internal events for employees have been developed as part of the " People of Ideas in Quarantine" program.

Since 80% of colleagues work remotely and use online means of communication, among which ZOOM is the most popular, thematic screensavers for this program were created.

Thanks to a few clicks, employees can transport themselves to one of the 1+1 media offices, visit their favorite cafe or hold a meeting in a real meeting room. Screensavers are available at .

The company also holds weekly contests and raffles for encouraging gifts, launched online courses for employees and their children, etc.

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