NewsNews27 January 2021

1+1 will show the historical detective "Secrets of Great Ukrainians"

For the filming of the 8-episode series "Secrets of Great Ukrainians", the creative team conducted large-scale historical investigations in 9 countries of the world. In order to search for the most interesting and mysterious facts, they visited France, Italy, Romania, Poland, Austria, Turkey, Moldova, Hungary, and revealed secrets that are also hidden on the territory of Ukraine. One and a half hundred respected Ukrainian and foreign experts were involved in historical investigations.

The product was produced by the 1+1 Production team. Akim Galimov is the author and producer of the historical detective story. Production director Daria Sarycheva, editor-in-chief Ruslan Sharipov, creative producer Olga Beznosko, executive producer Volodymyr Andriyuk, line producer Vlad Zolotaryov, director Yevgenia Shevchuk, cinematographers Oleksandr Vyakhirev and Anton Borzienkov.

The project was filmed with the support of the Government and the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.

Watch Akim Galimov's historical detective "Secrets of Great Ukrainians" soon, every Sunday at 18:00, on TV channel 1+1.

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